Idea: Chicken Pet

In this idea you will own a chicken pet. He will assist you fight the Henprise
To own it you need 1000 keys
More like a ship you can customize the chicken
Also you can level up the chicken when you level up the chicken will become stronger and change into new type
Lvl 1:
This is your first chicken pet
The chicken will be like this
It is a baby chick, it will fire it’s waste at enemy chicken
Lvl 10:
This is your lvl 10 chicken it will be like this
The chicken will fire 1 egg at enemy chicken
Lvl 50:
This is your lvl 50 chicken it will be like this
The chicken will shot 1 explosive egg at enemy chicken
Lvl 100:
This the max lvl chicken, It is very powerful, It shot 2 explosive eggs at enemy chicken
Unlike other chicken, your chicken pet is invincible(when other chicken shot at your chicken pet, their enemy eggs will not hit it)
It is ok when your pet chicken fire at you (it wont kill you)
You can level up your chicken pet by fighting a lot of wave


why would a chicken be a traitor to their own kind? a wingman would probably be better (the wingman thing in ci4)


4 players co-op + everyone has wingman

That gave me an idea, actually.
What if we add drones (basically tiny ships) that would do just that? They could be upgraded to increase their manoeuvrability and firepower.

They’d use a compact version of the Moron Railgun with weaker power levels (Or maybe there could be several versions with different weapons).
Their weapon system would have a limited amount of energy (basically ammo). After that energy is spent it would take a minute or a few to regenerate.

Since combining them with satellites might be a little bit too much, I think that drones should each occupy a satellite dock (they’d still be free to move around, of course). This means they should be fairly expensive as well.


Yea but I prefer chicken cause if there chicken, there must be chicken rebel (a chicken fight against enemy chicken)


Not neccesarily, and since all chickens look like have hatred for humans… yeah idk

I had a chicken loves eating chicken meat IRL. So why not?