Hen solo Help in game

Hi! i have a good idea.
@InterAction_studios can add HEN SOLO in CIU.
but we can buy it for help.
when we can not finish a level or level is very hard we can use hen solo help.
in shop we have new part. hen solo is just for 1 level. we can buy and add in slot part.

please add it!

This idea does not cause problems for the game and the players.

already planned

When will it be added?

When the time comes

Is it?

I’m pretty sure that it is

@InterAction_studios please say when came😢

Ok, I juſt looked back, and there is no definitive anſwer one way or the other. Actuälly there in no anſwer at all from IA (that I could find).

I have never,ever seen anyone(especially not IA) mention hen solo the helper from ci4. What you’re talking about is a playable hen solo ship,which is not the idea in this topic. The idea is to add hen solo from chapter 2(ci4) so that you can use him to help you.
Anyways,I personally don’t feel like this idea is necessary,considering just how weak hen solo was in ci4. Maybe if it was buffed,it would be worth it. But right now,it’s way too weak.


Someone asked via e-mail before forum release but I can’t find where it was.

So you do not add it? :expressionless:

Thank you! :pensive:

you should know that iA has a life and can’t add too many ideas at once

can you like stop mentioning IA, by doing that it’s just making your chance for this idea getting added smaller and smaller

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