📊 Weapon data spreadsheet

I am releasing the weapon spreadsheet for anyone who wants to scrutinize/analyze the data. I think this will help establish a baseline for communication, as well as avoid unnecessary duplicated work. There’s information in there about projectile damage, volley damage, firing intervals, time-to-overheat, DPS, and destruction-until-overheat.

:information_source: Starting with v.51, weapon data can now be overridden by an external Excel file. This capability is aimed at advanced players who want to experiment with different weapon characteristics in a sandbox environment. It is not meant for casual users. I will provide limited support in cases there are problems, but only to people who seem to know what they’re doing.

  • Place the Excel file in your C:\ProgramData\InterAction\CIU\<version> folder. Each Excel file is tagged with the version it corresponds to, and they’re generally not compatible between versions.

  • The file must be in .xls format (sorry, no .xlsx). If you use some other format for editing, you’ll need to convert it.

  • If the file is still open in Excel, the game won’t be able to read it. Close Excel before running the game.

  • Changes to the file while the game is running will not take effect until the next run.

  • The server will not accept any missions flown while using an external .xls – you’ll be kicked out at the end of the mission (even if you cancel it).

When it comes to actual editing of the file:

  • Edit carefully. Entering text, 0 or an out-of-range value will most likely crash the game.

  • Do not rename the worksheets.

  • Charts embedded in the sheets will not work. You’ll need move all charts to separate sheets, and keep them at the end, after the data sheets.

  • Grayed-out text in a cell means that the cell is ignored by the game.

  • Only these sheets matter to the game:

    • Bullets: This is where you enter damage-per-projectile (use the Volley sheet for continuously-firing weapons).
    • FiringInterval: This is where you set firing rates (grayed-out lines means that the weapon has a constant firing rate, which you can set in the far right cell)
    • OverheatTime: This is where you set time-until-overheat (again, grayed-out lines means that time is constant, only edit the far right cell)
    • Volley: This sheet functions similarly to Bullets, but for continuously-firing weapons (Lightning/Plasma/Positron) and Absolver.

The Excel file can be found here: http://universe.chickeninvaders.com/files/CIU-WeaponData-v75.override.xls


v.50 DPS:


Kinda surprised how Galbatorix, GgWw, Sufi, etc. didn’t give up already lol


Sorry for asking, could you elaborate what split, chain and AoE means? Special bonuses?

Split mean it will give smaller beams for the positron and kill multiple targets, chaining makes the lighting kill multiple targets, and AoE is a large blast that kills a circular group of enemies.

Oh, so nothing I get permanently, but randomly when I fire it. Okay, got it.

But they are not bonuses, besides all of these are only gotten when automatically firing. unfortunately it doesn’t work with manual.

I figured that.
Wait. Do I understand it correctly? The Boron laser actually gets stronger when it is at max heat?
Same I noticed about the Corn Shotgun. It never overheats? What is the disadvantage of popped corn?

Yes, boron dmg boosts the higher the heat level is, about corn shotgun, yes, it fires popcorn. and never overheats. the disadvantage of popped corn is that it has reduced damage. nothing else.

Is it just me or the Ion Blaster is OP as heck?

Literally, I beat the “Hend Game Henterprise” with just Ion Blaster, but the Henterprise almost didn’t even use it’s second or third attack


What difficulty was this mission?


38% - 78%, with Superstar Hero (78% - 118%)

The gap between the percentages are large enough so it looks like it was enhanced by Superstar Hero skill.


that’s nice!!!

Original post updated.


Does that mean that we won’t lose any mounted equipment after the mission with modded weapons ?

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I tested it, and the mounted equipment is still there after reopening the game.

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I just wanted to mention that I think it’s amazing how far we’ve come. I don’t know of any weapon table earlier than mine, which I clumsily made over 5 years ago.

This was probably the original source of the 6.5 and 10.2 myths, as well as the overheat times. They lasted for an astonishing amount of time, and without good reason. They could have been easily disproved with more accurate and independent testing.
I’ve kept expanding and updating it, and now there is an official table at last, which is even integrated with the game, there is no need for me to test and crunch numbers anymore. It’s a feeling I can’t describe.


inter action, can you be banned because of using it too much?

Incorrect. It’s just testing. Besides, it disconnects you at the end of mission. so how would you be banned even?

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oh, it thought it same as cheating in cheat engine