📊 Weapon data spreadsheet

It’s not.

ok, I LOVED THIS FEATURE, althought it’s cheating, i like the most out of everything in my life

Can you both stop? And pacman why are you again starting pointless discussion?


You will not be punished for using a custom Excel file.

@thisistrueuser Don’t correct other users. Mind your own business.


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I’ll try messing with the excel file more, to see what happens if I set the damage to 0 and to a negative number

If you set it to a negative number, expect the enemies to be healed instead of being damaged.
If you set it to 0, nothing happens, but there might be a chance for the game to crash.

… bruh. I haven’t tried both healing and damaging the same enemy, I’m just curious. Please don’t spoil it

Spoil what? the topic post even states that 0 will make the game crash.


Try 2,000,000 to one-shot bosses.

bruh do 1E+99

I think you guys missed the point of this feature.


I was just testing for fun smh

Not really, I’ve set my FireInterval to 0 and my Barbequer damage to -9999999(for testing, only) and the game doesn’t crash, at all

v.52 note: There are no changes to the Excel from v.51. You can just rename your existing v.51 file and it will work in v.52.


yes, i’ve healed and damage the Yolk-Boi at the same time


may i get that cursed excel file

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Here it is:
Your game can be super laggy or it might crash due to lag, use a satellite to heal a boss with multi-phases like Boldly Goes Wherever It Please, Egg Cannon Confrontation, The Yolk-Star then damage it with a weapon

Hello IA if you please can you make the server accept any mission with weapon data spreadsheet

No. If that was done, then players could finish missions easily and use it as an exploit everytime.