Chicken invaders universe: State of the game as of V.50 (This time is real)

Hello chicken slayer-heros!
My name is Stardrone and this is my personal feedback about the actual state of the game.

In this topic I will cover all the game features and I will give little suggestions on how to improve the game.

Let’s start:


Let’s begin with an hot topic: weapons balance

WBP ended and all weapons got their reworks.
Almost every weapon had found its own identity (except hypergun) and this makes the game more fun and enjoyable.
Not only because we have more than one meta weapon but because every single one has Its own features.

As of weapon dps chart you can are that most of the weapons almost reach the same dps. Witch is a good archievement considered the mess it was an year ago.

But on the other side of the medal we still have unbalanced weapons.

Absolver beam> The best worst weapon in the game. You can’t change the evidence: Godly in some sotuations while trash in others.
The weapon gives a unique gameplay style that I really like.
In my opinion the weapon may get a little improvement that will increase its utility in its worst environments: the laser lingers (up to 1 second) the more is charged, dealing damage every tick.

Lightning fryer> Still an underperforming weapon. In my opinion damage is fine but it can’t deal aganst hordes of strong enemies.
I suggest to increase the number of enemy per chain (from 3 to 4)

Overdrive weapons

New to V.50 is overdrive: Laser cannon, Neutron gun, Utensil poker and Ion blaster now are revamped.

Overdrive itself is a good concept, I like it and it needs to stay.

But as for now it broke Neutron and Utensil

Neutron gun> Overdrive made this weapon rely on its really slow manual fire, making it almost unusable outside of boss rushes.
Seriously overdrived Neutron is the ultimate boss shredder thanks to the damage buff.
Its gameplay is the opposte of Absolver now: bad on multiple enemies, overkill on single target.
My suggestion is to increase automatic fire rate or to decrease heat produced by its overdrive

Utensil poker> Similar to Neutron gun, this weapon suffer from “low firerate”.
It doesn’t matter if dps are the same as V.49, the problem is that it can’t fire fast enought to deal aganst hordes of enemies.
The rework nerfed it without an actual nerf.
Needs a small buff on automatic firerate in other to become playable.

Ion blaster> If cowards weren’t a thing this thing would be the strongest weapon in the game.
Maybe even stronger than pre WBP utensil.
Overdrive update buffed its previously low damage, nerfing one of its weakness.
Automatic fire rate is really fast, on overdrive you can shred hordes of chickens really fast.
Did I mentioned the low heating even in overdrive? No? Now I did.
As I previously mentioned: Cowards are the wall that stops Ion to reach overpowered tier Since you will summon a litteral shitstorm.
This is how overdrive weapons should be.

Laser cannon> Before overdrive update: underrated weapon.
Now it does what Absolver does but way better.
No changes needed

Also I strongly believe that the gameplay will greatly benefit a system where chainging weapons will reward more points the more times the player changed weapons during the game.

  1. Difficulty

The game features a good range of challenge, I respect Interaction’s attention over the hardcore playerbase but… how hard is too hard?

Chicken invaders is targeted at a casual/young audience, do you think a candy crush kid will still play the game after dieing all over agan in comet chases?


After weapon balance we will get an economy rework


What we have to expect: Weapon price inflation.
When absolver upgrades were released, people complained about its prices: too hight compared to other weapon’s.
IA’s answer was that it was a reasonable price since is something we will buy and keep forever.

I don’t find anything wrong with this statement, I completly agree with.

But since Comet chase got a huge buff we don’t have any good key farming source so it will be way harder to grind keys for weapons.

So I think that we should expect:

A price inflation on all of the items in the game

And small buff/rework to all of mission key rewards

Space burger rework?

I also suggest to:

Give an huge key reward on competitive missions, plus buffed leaderboard rewards (weekly challenge winners gets 6 times more keys than now).
This change is reasonable if we count that on the official release being on the leaderboard will be harder.
Also better rewards will give more incentive to play them on daily basis (Right now challenges doesn’t differ that much from normal chicken invasions).

Buff to daily login bonus.
Right now is almost useless, we need more incentive to play on a daily basis.

  1. Content

Universe still use mostly old content (and the new one was added to test new features or meme) and completly lacks of a proper endgame.
I think that this iussues must be solved before the official release or the game will be a flop.

Thanks for reading, please tell me your impressions about.


I agree that untensi poker and neutron gun need an automatic firerate buff

I don’t know

Candy crush becomes pay to win after alot of levels anyway


I think yes. I remembered when I was around 8 years playing CI3 the only nightmare thing (For me)is The comet chase.

Maybe we should try to reduce the number of comets spawn for very easy difficulty.

(Candy crush also want to win, since its a special missions anyway)


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