Too fast!

Even the sound is tinier. For example party chicken. I have a feeling that i play with speedhack.

The Party Chicken and the Army Chicken had their sounds tweaked. It was mentioned in the Update topic.


I wonder if anyone’s encountered the YolkStar™ so far :thinking:

Yeah. It enters the screen faster. The cannons may or may not be slightly faster, I’m not sure.

iA should have done this kind of uptade for 1st of April


I’m okay with everything, except the movement speed.

Well, everything else besides the speed is mostly bugfixes, so of course you are okay with it, I’m pretty sure we all are.

Well there are some attack tweaks :smile:

A friendly remider that WE wanted harder bosses

Yes… we got what we wanted but actually the game is unplayable in its actual state.
A nerf on all boss speed is needed. Some bosses became completely bullet hells and the game feels unenjoyable. (Shoot and pray)
I alwais supported IA choices but right now the game is in total chaos.

I have never tought that egg cannon and militar chicken needed a nerf, but the time has come…

(Exept for Henterprise, I like her now… more “it’s the real Hend game for you!” …Maybe slowing the screen arrival could be accepted)
(Iron chef needs a buff anyway, it didn’t changed)


Well bullet hell is perfect, but the movement speed is ridiculus. It needs some tweaking.

Holy shoot…


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As I generally U.C.O passed, I’m interested

Believe or not i beat 2 U.C.O’s with only 2 lifes losted(1on the egg u.c.o and 1 on the final u.c.o)

impossible challenge

Except you have to understand that they didn’t give that speed intentionally.

I didn’t read all the messages at the time of writing (my fault)
by the way you can’t almost avoid the hooming lasers of some bosses and planetary egg city is an example: if you don’t have iron blaster or utensil poker you will be cornered by chiks and you will die
The speed is a bug and i know



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anyone have some montage of Henterprise or Egg cannon fight after update 10?