Pease Nerf and Fix

Are you crazy? The dashed lines are not needed, this lines are the reason CI4 and CI5 bosses to be easy.


Please don’t… play on easier difficulties then. Everything is fine regarding the difficulty.
Edit: That’s why ci4/5 were too easy.


Also who use missiles this days? For wave 97, well i think IA look one of my posts.

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It works just as it did in CI3.


Don’t play on SSH.

Will be added in the next update. If you read the Known bugs & new features thread, you’d know.


Don’t play on SSH.

Yours Sincerely, Barack Obama.


I’m bad at English, so take this picture as my attitude to the quotes above(Click to the picture to see all answers):


YESN’T!!! Yeet?

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Great they just ruined UCOs, now they are dumbed down like rest of ci4/5 bosses…

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Yeah, with small and slow eggs its harder tha fast and big eggs.


Not only that, look at the last change note, prevented it from slamming into the player, now we re gonna fight retextured and remodeled space mr crab. Please iA change it back, at least for high difficulties.


It’s really frustrating when the UCO is placed too low then will directly hit the player (which is still RNG). I have no Phase-outs ready at that moment (am using Damage Amplifier).

Missiles are still useful for quick wave clear, especially those epic ones.

It’s ok at the moment, just play on lower difficulty like Tourist or Rookie. SSH is and has never been easy though

No they’re not- they’re not very effective againſt eggſhips or chickenauts.

Just 3 missles for chickenauts

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Yeah, but given than miſſiles are 9 keys each, there are cheaper alternatives, including dying 5 times.

But its useful for the wave have only chickenauts like wave 97 on weekly challenge 4th feb

Dimenſional phaſeöuts are better there.

I don’t know what kind of logic is that, so you even have to predict or know where the boss is gonna move? That’s just dumb, boss needs to be a DIFFICULT wave that’s why it’s called a boss wave. UCOs were the best here in CIU because they presented real challenge and it wasn’t that hard honestly, I lost like 2 lives in total when I encountered it first two times. They should hve nerfed it only below SSH or virtuoso difficulties. Well from now on we’re gonna fight retextured and remodelled space crab like I said earlier.


It must be difficult in respect with their difficulty name, but would not rely on RNG whether you’ll need to sacrifice a live (or forcely use a Phase-out) or not. I once badly place my spaceship on the side of the screen during a UCO encounter. I had to guess whether it will swoop right or left.

Solution: play on weaker difficulty. Also the movement is avoidable, you can’t say that UCO can trap you, you trapped yourself, ever heard of going ABOVE it when it starts to slam into the bottom? Every boss should have unpredictable movement, not just indicate everything like a kids game…


Yeah, that goes with my blunder.

I could mention Touhou regarding attack with patterns, but that’ll be another topic.