Suggest changes and ideas for casual players here!

@InterAction_studios (pinging just to make sure this topic won’t be missed by iA. Sorry, iA.)
I believe it’s time to take a diversion from the Experienced Player changes.
Let’s focus more on changes for the Casual Players for now, considering “Noob November? October?” never really became a thing.

You can also leave your own suggestions and ideas for changes that would be good for Casual Players, to make the game more comfortable for them.
This is for everyone to share their thoughts and ideas.


I’ll start off with one.

For Starters… About Tier Requirements for missions.
Some missions have a Tier Requirement, but some of them are kinda ridiculous. Here’s some examples (not exact tier requirements. They’re just random.):

A 100% Length and Difficulty Mission: Tier 6 required
A 20% Length and Difficulty Mission: Tier 17 required
A Retro Mission: Tier 46 required

I believe some of these really need a change. The 20% and 100%'s tier requirement should be the other way around. As for the Retro Missions, they should not need such a high tier requirement. It seems almost unnecessary, and kind of a letdown for those who purchased the necessary shields to orbit a wormhole and do their missions, only to find out they’re 20 tiers short. This may annoy some casual players, and I wouldn’t blame them.

Let’s change the tier Requirements to be proportional to the Mission’s Length and Difficulty as a start, as well as decrease tier requirements for Retro Missions.
(This may have already been suggested. Please send the link to the original topic if that’s the case.)


About difficulty, i fought a boss called “Giant Space Crab” for squadron assignment and i found it is really hard compared to other Crab bosses and i can’t even find them in elite missions that i always flight.

Can’t believe that I’m not alone in this, alone in thinking that the Original Space crab with 4 throwing arms was the hardest among them, It might just be a decently challenging boss in elite missions…


You are not alone, in the original CI4 I spent everything I had just to beat him fast

So are you guys suggesting a nerf for Space Crab #1? :thinking:
(if so, just faster moving chicks will do)

Or just talking about it

Don’t worry, no nerfing. It’s low-medium in terms of difficulty, but it does seem more challenging compared to other crabs like Space Crab #2 with lasers that’s just plain too easy as well as the ‘King of Crabs’ which is still very easy, Space Crab v2 is close enough in terms of difficulty IMO…

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I don’t see how this would occur, unless they were different types of missions (e.g. Invasion vs Supernova).

Length is irrelevant when determining tiers, only difficulty matters (and mission type).

The base tier is determined by mission type. Current values:
Invasion 0
Boss Rush 5
Comet Chase 10
Supernova 15
Droid 20
Squawk Block 10
Retro 40
Darkness 3
Meteor Storm 10
Key Rush 25

On top of this, difficulty raises the tier as follows:

Difficulty <25%: +0 tiers
(…proportionately in between…)
Difficulty >100%: +12 tiers

I’ve reduced Retro to 30 in v.50 :medal_sports: Idea. Any more suggestions?


Will add more suggestions as I think of them.

How about making it so that “clickable” things have a “shine” effect? Something to indicate that it’s something you can click. Or you can do something like this:
Screenshot (1838)

Some type of way to tell that it’s a clickable thing, especially for the results screen where the factors do not have any telltale sign that they’re clickable.

An Alternative is to make the cursor change colour when it’s something clickable.


This mainly benefit new players but this should include casuals as well.

As part of in-game tips option. Whenever a new item appears for the first time, a pop-up will appear explaining what is it and its uses (keys, gifts, powerups). The player can either click “Ok” or press Esc to continue. It highlights what item is mentioned as well. This also includes whenever a player uses a superweapon/consumable for the very first time.

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The in-game ſtuff is all pretty ſelf-explanatory; if the game requires a tutoriäl, it’s not been deſigned properly.

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I’ve been thinking about tips for a mission, like ‘This mission only consist bosses’ for boss rushes, example, and an information button like ‘This mission is hard and has 20 waves’ for example

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How about adding a “Weapon Test” feature for players to try out weapons that are in the store?

Give the “Weapon Test” the “Classic Invasion” wave from Chicken Invaders 3 with “Dummy Chickens”, (make them look like straw or ragdoll versions of chickens. They also will not drop anything, and do not give score either) along with being able to toggle firepower for weapons to see how it powerful it can potentially get.
Perhaps the “Weapon Test” can have a special background? To make it look more like a testing chamber.
Something like this:

If possible, make the dummy health changeable. (Up to 10,000 health)
This will also allow for easier weapon damage testing for future tweaks. (to see if they need a nerf or buff)

(This may have already been suggested. Please send the link here if it already is, thanks)


A tutorial re-work is desperately needed, will address it as soon as weapons are in a reasonable state.

Well, the assumption is that you’d first play the game, collect the weapon randomly, decide that you like it, and then buy it so you can start missions with it (so you’d already know what it does).

I see the point of a weapon test range, but it creates a lot of special-case code for being simply a convenience feature.


I think items in shop also should be tier capped, so newer players don’t buy something unnecessary for their early journey.

Tutorial level or weapon test range (and such) could be located in Hero Academy.

Here’s a suggestion for a new skill. (To take up the lowest spot instead of Tourist, so tourist will take rookie’s spot on the meter)

Costs 20 keys

Description: Who needs another hero anyway?

Damage: +50%
Scoring -75%
Power-up Spawn Rate: +50%
Greatly Reduced Key Spawn Rate

As for Universal Grandmaster… I have an alternative.
Universal Grandmaster:

Even better than the Authentic Hero! Or you’re just suicidal.

Scoring: +300%
+50% Mission Difficulty
Projectile Speed +50%
Power-up spawn rate -20% (or Damage -10/20%)
Substantially Improved Key Spawn Rate
No wave zones marked


Calling the difficulty casual is kind of not going to go down well with some people. Especially because @Enhawk helpfully outlined that casuals are not necessarily bad, or incapable of being competetive:


Eh, I meant casual in the sense of “relaxed”

How about I rename it to “Relaxed”?

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Or you could rename it to ſomething more chicken invaders-y, like “Touriſt”.

But that name already exists.
How about you give me the name :smile: