So, we got this picture here

How about creating this as a literal boss ?
Health (on all ucos): probably 300k (health nerf
Same as all other ucos, they will run at hypersonic type speed, and shoot most of the time just like the picture above
Boss name (sorry I’m late to this): The uco gang
It will be like this:

(Sorry, I’m not creative)
Final edit:

  1. Uco number one will be shooting like five times (green lasers)
  2. Uco number 2 (the egg one) shoots like a machine gun (or shotgun if IA prefers it)
  3. uco number 3, same as number 2 but it has a warning
  4. 4th one, if you stay in his range or his zone (uco number 4) he will shoot 5 green lasers while shooting a machine gun of eggs
  5. 5th one (crash bandicoot send me this pic for some unknown reason) will keep the same abilities and will definitely not spawn chicken mini ufos at the start
    Oh, and at the beginning, the area will be zoomed out 400% (new zoom)
    ya want it to add
  • i’m neutral
  • you can add it if you want
  • NO

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For some reason, this idea reminds me of this: The Chicken Gang!

But instead of chickens, ucos everywhere and they will maneuver were you go

you forgot about him, then we’ll get hell in space!

Sorry, edit it later

Yeah, now I added bullet hell

5 is based on my idea and your idea reminded me of it. New U.C.O. variety!

Sorry, buddy. But I don’t speak hell

I remember seeing IA posted this nightmare
he said: Do you think you are worhty enough?

I know, but I have a idea to change this monstrosity into a boss

Honestly? Good idea for me, but it would be almost impossible to beat, unless everyone U.C.O. would attack in turn instead of everyone at once.

this idea is very similar

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Self promotion, I have something similar with 2 U.C.O

Here is the original post

And suggestions about adding it in game apeared right as it was posted.


I know, but more chaotic than before

Why, just why are you posting an image of a planet in a UFO idea topic?


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