The Chicken Gang! Boss Idea

Recruit #75 here…

The Henpire have improved their ability to bio-engineer Boss-level chicken breeds, and as such, they now have more Boss-level chickens than ever before. As a result, they’re planning a new formation, a formation which consists of all 9 breeds of Boss-level chickens like the standard boss chicken, the Sweater chicken, the Special Forces chicken and even the mighty Super chicken.

The good news seems to be that the Henpire recruits novices from their respective Boss-level chicken breed batches, as the more experienced Boss-level chickens are sent in different formations and even on their own. Safe to say, be careful recruits and may the Forks be with you!

Anyways, this is my idea of what could be, the most epic and chaotic boss wave ever.

So the way this boss wave works is that the screen is zoomed out to 300%, yeah that’s a lot, but that’s kinda required considering the number of chickens present in this MONSTROSITY of a boss battle.
The chicken spawning locations are shown here complete with color coding:

This is a rough estimate of what the fight could look like without any projectiles and attacks,
(Chickens NOT to scale):

So yeah, this looks pretty insane and if we kept all of the original attacks of all of these boss chickens, it would be too hard and unfair, so I suggest changing them for this particular boss battle only:

  1. Super chicken: Reduce the bulk egg laying by 30%, bulk waste by 40% and increase the laser beam warning time by 33%. It is restricted from using its rotating lasers attack.

  1. Infinity chicken: Aside from it being restricted from using its 360o smokey attack and having a green AOE warning, it stays the same.

  1. Henperor’s Apprentice: While it can freely roam about the screen at the speed of the other chicken bosses, it cannot change the player’s direction and it cannot use its rotating laser attack as well. it instead uses a forcefield that expands upto three times the width of the Henperor’s Apprentice itself, it can move with the forcefield on but the movement speed is slowed down by 50%.

  1. Magnetic Manipulator: While it can move freely with the speed of the other chicken bosses, it can’t summon meteor storms and it cannot use its meteor sweep attack, it is instead limited to using its ring attack where it gets a movement speed boost by 33% and it can still use its own meteors to make a shield.

  1. Master Squawker: This boss moves sideways like it does in Squawk block missions, but the speed is reduced by 66%, basically its movement speed is still the same, proportionally to the zoom level. However it can only fire two lasers 7.5o from centerline on each side, similar to riddler’s spread but there are no bullets in between the two lasers. The firing interval and the warning effect’s time is also increased by 50%.

  1. Sweater Chicken: This might seem like a buff but, its egg attack should be sped up by 200%, to compensate for this, the speed of the eggs are more uniform compared to the regular Sweater chicken. Its movement speed is nerfed by 50%

  1. Special Forces: Its movement speed is nerfed by 25% and it can drop a max of only 4 grenades which are colored bright green to help players spot them more easily compared to the current grenades. The knife speed is reduced by 20% and the attack interval is increased by 20%.

  1. Party Chicken: Once again, sounds like a buff but trust me, it’s not. Increase the projectile speed by 33% and reduce the projectile spawnrate by 20%. It also does not move diagonally from one corner to another. Instead, it only spawns from the top-left corner of the screen and then moves around randomly like it does after its Omnidirectional waste throw.

  1. Big chicken: No movement change, it drops eggs like the Ci3 version but the frequency is nerfed by 30% and the egg speeds are more consistent.

As a general nerf, their movement speed is reduced by 33%, except for the chickens which have their own specific speed nerfs.

Now the numbers and attacks are merely but an example since I can’t predict the actually difficulty of this boss wave with 100% accuracy, although I did try to make a rough estimate of what the bosses should and shouldn’t do. If it just so happens in the actual game that the bosses are either too underpowered or too overpowered, you can suggest tweaks for this boss fight.

Edit: I have received criticism stating the fact that this boss fight would be very long, and while I did intend the fight to be prolonged, I did overlook the frustration that would come with the boss fight appearing in space race and daily challenges, so I request that it would be restricted from appearing in those challenges as well as normal missions which are less than 30 waves long. They could be allowed to spawn in Boss Rushes, Longer missions which are more than 30 waves long and in weekly challenges. Additionally, if this idea did come into fruition:

I would suggest the Chicken Gang boss fight to be put into the category of “Major Boss” as most players would expect a somewhat prolonged final boss fight.

As for my idea being being rather unoriginal due to the reuse of existing bosses, well sadly, I can’t deny it. However with IA planning to significantly slow down the development process in August:

I figured that this would be a decent new boss fight for the time being, since I’m pretty sure that for many of of us, fighting all of the chicken bosses as of Early Access Version 49, at the same time would be fun.

But just in case you really are not liking my idea, here’s a poll…
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  • I wanna see this in game!
  • I like the concept but some tweaks should be made
  • I’m neutral to it
  • Don’t add it
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As always, be constructive and civil when criticizing someone and may the Forks be with you!


I like this, we have officially found the perfect showdown. Although maybe it should be nerfed a bit

Do you imply that there are people without constructive criticism?

I myself would rather see a totally new boss get added rather than another mix of existing ones.


Sounds good, except for two things.

  1. 300% zoom is the abſolute maximum that can be played.
  2. It ſounds like a looong battle. Should we have ſome of theſe ultra-long boſs fights only occur in boſs ruſhes?

@kokokokos yes.


Special Forces + Special Needs wave #4.

I mean, it’s good. But please don’t clutter the boss roster with any more duplicates. Galbatorix proposed turning the Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon into a raid boss, maybe this could receive similar treatment?


I’m on board with the ‘new bosses’ thing but making the AI and the sprites for a new boss can take a lot of time. Currently the game is lacking a lot of content (yes, I know this is Early Access) so recycled bosses can act as placeholders for new bosses for a short while and then a new boss can be added since the recycling gave some precious time to program. I think that this could be an easy addition since you’re just making a few changes in the AI.

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You just explained gamedev. It takes a lot of time, but the effort is worth it (sometimes).

We don’t know what it is lacking now because we don’t have a roadmap of what it needs before release.

It was already like that in EA v1. This game was literally a mix of recycled content straight up imported from CI4 and CI5. This short while lasts 18 months and we only got 4 new bosses (6 if we count meme egg canon version and another multiplicity as new boss).

Define “then”. It’s 18 months since EA v1. I know that programming is time consuming, but how is it different if you spend it on adding another recycled content from spending it on making a new one? The second option at least makes the game fresh, more exciting. Really, we have enough boss mixes for now.

Yeah, it doesn’t sound bad unless you remember that CIU is a rather specific game from technical point of view. Here IA explained it well:
About moderation and development - #18 by InterAction_studios
So I wouldn’t be surprised if making few small changes in the AI takes much longer than it should have.


What would you say for a name: Revenge of the Bosses!


Do we really need another long boss fight with literally same bosses over and over? Imo, short (1-2 minutes) but intense fight is more appealing than long fights.

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Great idea, hope they add it .

can i ask a question ? my question is how you made this pictures ?i mean what is a program did you used to make this pictures?

Most probably Paint.

Yeah, that’s good idea :+1: :+1:

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big chicken multiplicity preview


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