An unfortunate U.C.O. encounter

How good do you really think you are?


They have really good graphics (escecially the shadows).

Will you add new or even randomly generated “arm patterns” so we get lots of UCO variants?

Also, when are you planning to introduce boss rush missions so I can have fun with them? :smile:


Please save this for future, for “Impossible mode”. I think community will like it.
Ok, I see eyetracking and bigger purple bullets, that will be good fight.


Is the first U.C.O. going to be buffed? It didn’t have much health back in CI3 (only 20k).


This surely won’t be in the actual game, right?




For compare

This is a bit… oof

I assume we’re also getting the BFG in the same update, right?

That’s the U.C.O. from the flash version, not the one I’m talking about.


I think he just posted that picture as a comparison to the CI3 U.C.O.

Also I assume the saucers will be given a new, fresh coat of paint? Cause they’re looking kinda bare right now.


Don’t know why this thing bothers me, but it is.

Oh, and let’s shove all these bosses into one wave. Bosses cool drawn

Wait a second, is that screencap from the current version or the next one? :thinking:

Yeah, the red beam’s texture isn’t completely seamless.
You’ll probably hate me for saying this but this also applies to Lightning Fryer’s bolt.

Funnily enough, it only took me a few minutes to figure out how to fix that completely (and with a totally no-effort method).

I mean, you won’t easily notice this while playing but @InterAction_studios if you’re interested in fixing this, then these should be completely seamless:
[EDIT] It appears that images posted on the forum are slightly compressed, so here’s the link to the fixed sprites: ok.png - Google Drive

Looks like I need to find something better for textures than Nova software extractor)

Wow, this U.C.O’s looks bigger and even if its very difficult dont make the mistake as with the omnidirectional ounslaght with Chickenauts. Its good to be difficult but this level with the U.C.O’s needs to be zoomed in my opinion.

@Sammarald You could send the answer via carrier pigeon. No one would suspect a thing!

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You are genius XD

Hmm, I do’t see a problem here :smile:
If you zoomed out the screen more then it would be managable.

Edit: as ci3 bosses get added, there is much more challenge in boss waves and they don’t feel like a “filler” waves like ci4/5 bosses do.

Hmm… It appears that Photoshop’s resizing filter leaves a lot to be desired :(. There are other similar glitches too (Mysterious Ship & Yolk-Star beams). We’ll remaster everything.


Will they be in the next update?

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