Wave idea: Carpet Bombing

(Man it’s been a long time since I made a topic that isn’t a rant about CIU huh.)

And no, despite the name there aren’t going to a lot of bombs. Someone stole them to make a movie about giant robots, sorry for the inconvenience. But good news, we have a substitute! The UFO chickens have come to save the day, depending on your view. Here’s the easy variant, which appears on low difficulties:

Meanwhile here is the variant which appears on higher difficulties:

Barrier and chicken images taken from CI Wiki: Chicken Invaders Wiki | Fandom
Spaceship by GgWw1175:
On the subject of spaceship customisation


nice m o v i n g img

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Interestingly well enough, This wave is very similar to both Droid/Chicken Highway except where these chickens goes into the right direction of it. Very cool idea I must say :wink:

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It honestly looks like a very easy version of chicken highway… Am I missing something?

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No, you aren’t.
To OP: Btw, the idea is overall perfect.

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