When CI3 Exhaust will be appeared

I’m asking this question because all exhausts from other Chicken Invaders series appear
except CI3 Exhaust
I want CI3 Exhaust to appear in Chicken Invaders Universe(Early Access) v28.1


Already suggested in On the subject of spaceship customisation: Part 2.

what can I do in Ship customization to be similar to CI3 exhaust


i tried to make it look like original one.


Which thruster can I use for CI3 Ship


you can use this thruster for ci3 spacecraft

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Which requirments for CI3 ship in CIU

Actually, that’d be a PERFECT customization feature, @InterAction_studios . The ability to change the default length and width of the exhaust flames!


Which Reactors,Heat sink and Engine Can I use

Maybe, but the CI3 exhaust still has a different shape than the default exhaust, so I still think it should be added.
Also, I’m not sure how the size options would work on the round flare exhausts, especially exhaust #2 since it has that horizontal line that would get stretched quite badly if you made the exhaust longer (assuming you want the length and width settings to be independent from one another).

(Since we’re talking about engine options, I’d still like engine opacity, just sayin’.)

I think It is similar to CI3 Ship or Not

CI5 ship*

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You aren’t even trying


I want CI3 Ship and Exhaust to be added in Chicken Invaders Universe(Early Access) V28.1

Well, I want CI6 to be released in next year.


Well, I want Half-life 3 released in the next year.

Well, i want my PC to be fixed as fast as possible

Well, I want CIU to be released this October.

If Hen Solo is added in the LATEST early access build, then I will be a fortune teller :slight_smile: People in discord know what I mean.