NPC: Henry's Clothing Market (Chicken Skin Merchant)

A huge thank you to my dad for making an awesome drawing of Henry. (His twitter can be found here, he draws lots of Pokémon usually.

Those squawkers don’t seem to have that much style in them. Perishing horribly without a chance to shine at all. Someone has ought to change things the right way around here.

Greetings recruits! (I hate my life because I’m writing this late), and welcome to my new idea about chicken skins. Disclaimer: I am aware that some people will say ‘‘Already suggested’’ or something like that, I’m just putting my own twist into it, and this is a bit more fun!

Who is behind the outfits/hats of the Chicken Invaders?

Henry The Merchant

This is a new NPC that you will find in star systems. (Similar to Droids and Shady Dealers)
There are 15 of them in the entire galaxy. His appearance is a red hat with a feather sticking out of it (More fancy, eh?)
He has a red scarf along with red gloves that cover half the feathers. Along all that is his shirt which he received as a prize in the Galactic Knotting Day. Back in 1999, That’s where he made his scarf as well, and he never took it off ever since. (Does he shower with it?)

The Shop

Once you have stumbled across one of them, you can access Henry’s merchant shop, where he gives out Hats/Outfits for chickens. (Skins) Some old designs are here such as the Underwear, Christmas outfits, but also the beloved and supreme Leotard. But also some new stuff!

After your beloved skin of your choice has been purchased with keys (duh), it will be marked with an :white_check_mark: Indicating that this skin is unlocked and ready to be used. To go to the assign screen, simply click on the newly unlocked skin and click ‘‘I’m sure’’. This is going to make all of the regular breed chickens have this skin. In this case it’s the Underwear.
If you’d want to remove the skin, you simply have to click on the Skin again and remove it. (Simple isn’t it?)

Skin descriptions all narrated by Henry himself



Seriously, I have no Idea why these still even exist. For some reason I’m still making them.

Elf Outfit
Perfect for when you’re in a helpful mood, those gifts ain’t gonna pack themselves!

Santa Outfit
A classic, isn’t it funny how the little chicks believe anything? Oh, It’s also extra fluffy.

Diving Helmet
Thought of a typical Scuba diving equipment to be useless, at least this will protect you from an incoming underwater missile… Right?

I am not even sure why people like these so much, what’s so special about them? eh, I guess I shouldn’t complain, It’s free keys.

Duck Mask
Personal Use.

Vintage Hat
I don’t know if people still wear these, but they sure do make you look fancy!

Dragonborn Helmet
I’m pretty sure I heard a growl somewhere…


Henry's new design
Henry’s appearance has been changed slightly, he has a smaller white feather on his hat now and the gloves are a more intense shade of red.

Top Hat
unknown (2)
Wear this with style, and show off in style!

Patterned Scarf
unknown (7)
Brrr! Perfect for a snowy winter, or just to look cool.

Bucket Hat
unknown (6)
There’s more.

Football Helmet

Kick it like Beckhen!

Witch Hat

Time to brew those potions and have a totally unfair advantage compared to your enemy!


This isn’t your typical bow, It’s an advanced bow. (Mostly makes you look cute but whatever.)

Vampire Outfit

Scare the enemy out of their socks by putting this on!


Henry has been preparing some more goodies for all of you, here are the newest items inside of his store.

Flocker’s Bandana

Chickens that took part in theft used to wear these. The only things that were really stolen at an alarming rate were Vitamizers and Eggs for some reason.

Soldier’s Helmet

Reporting for duty! not me, that guy is.

Pheonix Wings
unknown (4)
Wearing these will ignite the deepest burning flames inside of you. (It only makes you look cool, don’t get your hopes up.)

Winter Hat

I’ll admit I like knotting these to keep warm. It Is cold in space, right?

Construction Hat
unknown (6)
How else do you think chickens build monstrous sized mortal vehicles, without safety equipment?

Glowing Halo

Only for the purest of purest. You will always be proven innocent while wearing this… Maybe.

Bunny Ears
unknown (8)
Stop fooling around and let’s hop to it!


This is the final wave that I will make, any ideas are certainly welcome from now on. Whether that would be hats/outifts/wings or anything in between. I have these last 3 designs made. Also including a ‘‘fan art’’ you could say:

Royal Crown

All hail our new king!

Dragon Wings

These go really well with the Dragonborn Helmet!

Paper Hat

Just don’t buy this.

What’s next?

Everyone is free to leave suggestions on improving the Henry idea. I personally think it can reach high levels of uniqueness. (If it hasn’t already.)



Christmas Forces

The perfect combination of hot and cold.

Crop Defender

Don’t let this spooky fella fool you, he’s more than just a scarecrow and he’ll protect those crops with his life.

It’s Snow Time!

Poor guy, at least he can feel the spirit of christmas everyday. No, for real, somebody get a blowtorch.

Ghost Busters!

You know who you’re gonna call, don’t you?

Drenched in black, he might not be able to show any emotions, but he’s got the spirit around him.

Midnight’s Terror

Careful where you skip.

The Collection Road

Welcome to the brand new feature located inside of Henry’s store. This changes every outfit to have their own rarities, (Uncommon, Rare, Legendary) and they are also cheaper now. 150 :key: for each Uncommon outfit, 350 :key: for each Rare outfit, 500 :key: for each Legendary outfit. The collection road is located inside Henry’s shop, it looks like this:

And once clicked, you’ll be greeted with this screen.

If this looks confusing, here’s how it works:

  • There are 3 roads in the collection road. Uncommon, Rare, Legendary. Each individual road will have outfits scattered around and about. After each outfit is bought from the shop, that outfit will have a :white_check_mark: over it. Once you have collected every single outfit that road has, it will be completed.

  • Once a road has been completed, you will unlock the rewards for that specific road. The rewards will be obtainable through the chest icon at the bottom of each road. The rewards will vary, but the Uncommon road will reward you with 1,350 :key: 30x Damage Amplifiers, 1x Score Insight.
    The Rare road will reward you with: 2,250 :key:, 50x Dimensional Phase-outs, 1x Wave Insight.
    The Legendary road will reward you with 3,000 :key:, 70x Missiles, 15x Maneuvering Jets, 1x Keys Insight.

Community Suggestions

There are all the outfits in which the community has contributed so far. Their respective creators will have their @name next to them.

Cape | made by @Recruit_75
Wanna be your favorite superhero? Well here’s your chance! (Please don’t recreate your favorite superhero stunt, that’s just common sense)

Mohawk | made by @Recruit_75
Not looking cool enough? Those UHF recruits won’t be ignoring this flashy wig!

Feathered Mess | made by @Rabbit_Dude
image image
Are you tired of seeing your good old feather brain? Well no further ado, This Feather Mess will be in the place of Feather Brain as you set this skin during your mission


Paper Hat: 150 :key: (Uncommon)
Underwear: 150 :key:(Uncommon)
Elf Outfit: 250 :key: (Rare)
Santa Outfit: 250 :key: (Rare)
Diving Helmet: 250 :key: (Rare)
Duck Mask: 150 :key: (Uncommon)
Vintage Hat: 250 :key: (Rare)
Dragonborn Helmet: 500 :key: (Legendary)
Top Hat: 150 :key: (Uncommon)
Patterned Scarf: 250 :key: (Rare)
Bucket Hat: 150 :key: (Uncommon)
Football Helmet: 250 :key: (Rare)
Witch Hat: 150 :key: (Uncommon)
Bow: 150 :key: (Uncommon)
Vampire Outfit: 500 :key: (Legendary)
Flocker’s Bandana: 500 :key: (Legendary)
Soldier Helmet: 250 :key: (Rare)
Pheonix Wings: 500 :key: (Legendary)
Winter Hat: 150 :key: (Uncommon)
Construction Hat: 250 :key: (Rare)
Glowing Halo: 250 :key: (Rare)
Bunny Ears: 150 :key: (Uncommon)
Royal Crown: 500 :key: (Legendary)
Dragon Wings: 500 :key: (Legendary)

What do you think?

Should ‘‘Henry’s Clothing Market’’ become an in-game addition?
  • Sure, this would be a great addition.
  • Nope, this is completely useless for the game.

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Nice Chicken Design was you made

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You have no idea how much I want this in. This is a nice idea!

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Hope IA will add it



Wave 2 is here! new stuff, along with more new stuff and finally, more stuff.
Henry's new design
Henry is waiting for you.


It’s been a while since I’ve seen an idea that is actually pretty cool.

I’m in. Skins are cool to me.


Wave 3

Yeah, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, new items added to Henry’s shop.
Henry's new design


This is awesome, hope it gets added

I quite like the premise of adding new skins to chickens, although there are some breeds that probably wouldn’t be changed, and it would clash with editions unless the edition outfits are made into unlockables.

Also, nice job animating Henry! Very polished, looks like something you could easily see in-game.

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I had no idea this idea existed but I’m glad I found it! This is actually a really swell idea.

Henry’s animation is really good and so is his design. The presentation is also top notch and aside from the colors being a little off and the pricing which is very expensive (Bunny ears cost more than Bombers wtf), I don’t have anything to complain about.

I’d love to suggest some new outfits and stuff, I have a few ideas.

Overall 8.6/10

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I don’t know how long I’ve resisted to claim that Henry’s full name is Henry Stickhen

you sir, really are something

really good concepts, hopefully this gets added sooner or later

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if we change his clothes what it will do?
does the chickens in mission has it’s clothe?
if no, what’s the point of this?

Its literally a merchant who gives out skins you can buy, then afterwards you can equip one skin at a time and see it on the chickens. Its purely cosmetic and for the people who complain that they have nothing to do with their keys.


This is a chicken shooting game, not a fashion game kkk :))

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Spacecraft paintjobs:


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