Idea: League rework and Season pass

Dont you agree that league is kinda messed up right now?
There are too many unused alts or people that dont play the the game anymore.
So, how about making the league reset every month or so?
The idea is to have a monthly refresh to the ranking and reset the scores and also, to make the league a bit more cleaned, why do we have to be in the league if you have an account that you might not even play with? So i suggest to make it so you “join” instead of leaving. So in this case, the account that are dead :skull: wont be able to join making it much better :ok_hand:.
And also add some medal for the top 10 or 100 places to grind some people :smirk:.

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So you know… almost every free-to-play game either is pay-to-win or it has a season

Screw purchacable keys.
Add somthing else for customizing stuff.
Like deez these ideas:

yeah add moron railgun skins cause why not

Whatever, the main thing…

A random wormhole gave us an EGG from somewhere. Egg can be hatched when reached tier 30.
It can give a welcome gift like, 300 :key: and a background ig
And mainly, you will unlock the pass

(Pro tip: pass gifts arent items that already exist in the shop if it is, there a free trail for it, if you already have it then you’ll get keys instead)

Well, the things ive covered are just, too low, but if at somepoint ia adds it, there would be more tiers
Also each season would last for 1 or 2 month(s)
Let me know if you find this useful for the game

  • This has to be added
  • Good idea, but it won’t fut into the game
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*fit :skull: typo

Thanks for reading.


fortnite in ciu!!!1!1!1

the game will die in 2 days after this was added


it will be good if the CHL Futures are for free.

I approve of the League Rework,The latter is not really good.

Oh a battle pass, it just always screams "fork over your money

Would you buy hunter license for me I can’t have steam or PayPal account
Please help me I have money but I can’t have any of these accounts

No. I don’t have any money, don’t beg for a CHL, it’s not allowed.

give me a steam gift card then we’ll talk /s

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Chicken Battle Pass!

I’m not a huge fan of artificial exclusivity, but I’ve seen battle passes handled in a way where that’s not an issue. Aside from that particular point, the idea of special cosmetic or fun content that gives a reason to keep coming back and playing more isn’t a bad one. I’d be down for this as long as there’s no permanently gated content.

I’m pretty indifferent to the league changes tho.

utensil poker

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I think if iA adds Battle Pass to CIU, the game may become p2w now, like in Asphalt 8 nowadays :slightly_smiling_face:
(sorry bcuz this reply maybe off-topic)

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