New Wave Suggestions (Part IV)

EXHIBIT 1: Trailing Portals

  • A portal appears from anywhere at the screen (with safezone at the center).
  • The portal spawns enemies staying at a fixed position (similar to Visitors from Another Dimension).
  • The portal moves diagonally (about 30° - 60° angle) and whenever it hit a side of the screen, it ricochets.
  • Anomaly zones are provided for feasible clearing.

EXHIBIT 2: Butterfly-by

  • A wave which enemies (chickens/barriers) are arranged to form a butterfly.
  • Formations spawn from either side of the screen.
  • Up to 2 formations can only be at the screen at a time, you’ll need to clear one completely for others to appear.
  • The wing part of the butterfly flaps as it moves throughout the screen.

EXHIBIT 3: Atomic chickens

  • A wave which enemies are arranged to form an atom, much like the atomic power-up in-game.
  • Chickens which represent electrons rotate around a nucleus (much like the behavior on Anode-Cathode).
  • The nucleus part of the formation consists of enemies enveloped by a huge bubble.
  • The electron part of the formation must be cleared first for the nucleus part to be clearable or just use plasma lol

EXHIBIT 4: Sweeper

  • Two rows of chickens will be initially spawned first from the top side of the screen then a group of barriers will “sweep” them to provide space for another set of chickens.
  • Swept chickens go down at a slow, constant speed.
  • You’ll have to be quick or else you’ll be swept as well although going to the side of the screen can make you safe sacrificing all the points you might get.

EXHIBIT 5: Asteroid Storm

  • This wave is a swarm of asteroids encircling the player.
  • Safe zone is provided at the center.
  • The wave behaves much like Wormhole, so the player needs to gradually move left or right.
  • The safe zone will gradually narrow itself down, so you’ll need to clear it as fast as possible.

EXHIBIT 6: Icicle Drop

  • Icicles slowly grows from the upper side of the screen, then falls off after a short while.
  • The player can break the icicles even when still forming.
  • Dropped icicles break itself upon reaching the “ground.”
  • the higher the difficulty, the more frequent the icicle formation.
  • This wave is more frequent on Frozen Wasteland planet types.

EXHIBIT 7: Lunar Phases

  • A wave idea brought up from this topic.
  • A wave which chickens and barriers form shape of the moon phases.
  • These phases move across the screen in the same manner as the enemies on Cloudy with a Chance of Egg.
  • There are 8 phases total: new, waxing crescent, waxing quarter, waxing gibbous, full, waning gibbous, waning quarter and waving crescent.
  • The illuminated part of the moon represents chickens and the dark part of the moon represents outline barriers.

EXHIBIT 8: Sunny Side Up

  • Chickens form part of the yolk and the egg white.
  • The formation moves randomly around the screen, much like the Yolk-Star.

EXHIBIT 9: Feather Storm

  • Available only on Feather Field missions
  • Groups of feathers spiral together to form a vortex, much like a storm.
  • There’s a bomb at the center of the vortex, so you can clear them easily.
  • Besides the vortices, there’s still some stray feathers around.
  • Whenever you hit a feather, it’ll break from its group and now will act as a stray feather, much like how it behaves on Feather Brain.

EXHIBIT 10: Egg Drop

  • Enemies carry giant eggs and drop them at the player, at least whenever that enemy is directly above it.
  • These enemies appear on either left or right side.

EXHIBIT 11: Crawling Spring

  • This wave features chickens and barriers on a spring like formation.
  • The barriers will form part of the base and the chickens on the body.
  • The formations move either from left to right or right to left on a “wobbly” like motion.

EXHIBIT 12: Fester Battlefield

  • Pesters appear from both sides of the screen protected by barriers.
  • These pesters fires to the opposing side, as supposed to the normal down direction.
  • Anomaly zones are provided at the top and the bottom, switching direction won’t affect Pesters.

EXHIBIT 13: The Roundabout

  • A ring of barrier is placed at the center, where chickens will be moving around.
  • A line of chickens will enter and exit at four directions, at the center position.
  • Whenever at least one chicken escaped, it will re-renter again at a random position.
  • All chickens on a line must be killed before a new one to appear.
  • Anomaly zones are provided at the edges of the screen facing the center position.
  • This wave can be mirrored.

Other WIP Waves

(don't look ples)

me brainstorming wave ideas




Welcome back, Frac.


or positron stream to get through the bubbles hehe

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Can’t think of anything closely describes the wave itself, but could be the thing that clears up mines attached to tanks.

I’m not gone on the forums lol but thanks though.


like the arcade game where you put moneys and a machine pushes them.
also good ideas

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Yup, it was more looking like that.

Anyway, I’ll be adding more wave ideas on this topic.

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Okay added 6 new suggestions.


Nice work!
I especially love Feather storm, it looks really cool visually. It seems like a fun variation that’s sorely needed in feather fields. 8/10

Egg drop is also pretty neat with a concept that I’m surprised hasn’t been explored sooner, that being big eggs being dropped from other enemies. With this concept, there could be bombers type formations that drop these big eggs. 7.7/10

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fester battlefield cant have pesters shooting a fixed direction,so i think of a few changes

  1. spaceship starts horizontally
  2. add other ufos
  3. move anomalys to the center sides
  4. safe zone incase someone was in a corner

They can be made to shoot upwards, like on Bullet Rain so it should be possible.

Also, I would like to rework this wave.

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I forgot that there’s one than can actually shoot horizontally, this would be the replacement.


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Added to v.110 :medal_sports: Idea


Added to v.110 :medal_sports: Idea


Added to v.110 :medal_sports: Idea


Added to v.110 :medal_sports: Idea