Early Access version 109

balloon chickens on “Caught in the Crossfire” get stuck on the bottom of the screen for a second before despawning


Screw it, I’m following suit:

IA,what about my idea of robotic chicken ?

It would clutter the display too much

Added to v.110 :medal_sports: Idea

This is a good example of a seemingly simple change that has cascading repercussions:

  1. New frozen asteroid texture is rendered
  2. Changes are made to the code to support new asteroid types “frozen” and “frozen smokey”
  3. These new asteroid types are assigned to “Asteroids”, “Asteroids!”, “Magnetic Manipulator” and “Meteor Storm” waves depending on environment
  4. “Meteor Storm” missions inherit their environment from Asteroid Belts. However, there aren’t any frozen asteroid belts, and hence no frozen meteor storms.
  5. Code is added to support frozen asteroid belts, but the current galaxy doesn’t include any.
  6. Code is added to the galaxy generation algorithm to decide which asteroid belts must become frozen.
  7. Entire galaxy is regenerated using these settings.
  8. Existing galaxy can’t simply be overwritten, because it includes tailor-made changes made after it was generated (e.g. duplicate star names in Early Access version 105 )
  9. New galaxy is compared to old galaxy, and any changes are painstakingly transferred over manually.

Eventually, what started off like an innocent simple cosmetic change took the better part of the day. The end.

Intended, because spacecraft also travel faster in zoomed-out waves.

This can happen if the in-mission server loses communication with the in-mission client. During single-player games this is not supposed to ever happen, but it somehow managed to occur in your case. Did your PC go into sleep/hibernate mode while you were away?

If you log out and back in, I think you’ll continue your mission

If you’re hacking the game, then anything is possible and YOU SHOULD NOT REPORT ANY BUGS to me, because you’re wasting my time and delaying legitimate development.

Exactly. It would clutter the screen for little benefit.

That’s the geometric center of all the star systems in that constellation. I can’t special-case it.

I’ll look into those.

No. Bosses require a lot of work to add to the game, and your idea is hardly developed at all.


Fixed in v.110 :medal_sports: Bug


Please look into my wave ideas as well, thanks.

Links to those wave suggestions

New Wave: Sushi Belt
New Wave Suggestions (Part IV)
Chicken Turret and some others


two years later and it’s here! I always liked how they looked in CI3, so I can’t wait to see them now


while in the topic of asteroids, I’ll suggest some concepts (not ideas):
1- Asteroid Environment: During the waves of a mission, A warning will appear and after x seconds (+difficulty=-time), some asteroids from asteroid flurry will appear, giving no points. Everything may vary

2- Asteroid cannon (satellite): A satellite that fires mini asteroids that have increased damage the farther it goes. Also high base damage. 20 ammo.

3- Wave : Called “Mata Pollos” (Pollos = chickens in spanish). Mini-bosses chickens appear from each side, carrying an asteroid. They throw at at you. the bigger asteroid, the slower. +Difficulty = faster wave progression (everything)

Name explanation

(The name is a game where I live called like that, where one person throws the ball from a distance, and the others try to dodge it.)

Not Ideas, concepts for other ideas

I came up with two ideas that to me, made quite a bit of sense. One is pretty insignificant but the other might be a bit controversial and I’d like to hear input from everyone else.

1: As far as I know, total spacecraft mass still doesn’t have any impact on gameplay at all. So I thought: how about it having a slight effect on crash damage? Ranging from 5,500 on an H&C to maybe 5,750 on a BX? I know it sounds like an insignificant change, and I agree that it is, but it just made sense to me. We could further enhance this effect by taking the spacecraft’s maximum speed into account when determining its crash damage since a light ship moving at a high speed can have the same momentum as a heavy ship at a low speed…

2: Now for the controversial one: it is to slightly reduce the rate at which weapons overheat in Cold environments. When you consider the fact that space is already cold, but in these certain environments it is cold enough to literally frost your screen, I don’t think it also being cold enough to affect overheat rate is too far-fetched. I know most of you would probably say something like it’d make Cold environments easier, which is why I’d like to know what you guys think.

I’ll leave a poll here to gauge public opinion, please vote for which idea(s) you agree with.

  • Idea 1 only
  • Idea 2 only
  • Both
  • Neither

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No, i was on pc online, i just paused game and been 2 minutes on discord like everytime and i continue

Yeh i gave myself infinite keys fix it, i just edited one address and it just gave me… Nothing too big

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How long does it take to create a boss? If it’s not a secret, how long does it take to create a boss? I’m just curious.

Yeah, but were you able to buy endless stuff from the shop?
The address that you cheated will not sync with the server, so when you buy something it’ll decrease your real keys, but once your real keys are over, and attempted to buy something, you’ll be kicked and whatever you bought won’t be added to your account.

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While not dependent on mass, ships already have different crash damage values, ranging from 2000 for the H&C 101 to 9500 for the BX-9.


To see if my Suggestion of making Doctor Breaker Harder after the burning paper Upgrades is acceptable

  1. Shall the amount of Pink, Green, Orange potions Increase?

  2. Shall the required projectiles to burn the paper increase according to the difficulty?

  • Suggestion 1 only
  • Suggestion 2 only
  • Both of them
  • Neither of them

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Since GgWw already commented on the first idea, I’d like to say that the second one has been suggested probably many times now, not sure who did it first though. I think it would be fine because not all environments have to strictly make things harder.


@InterAction_studios will Magnetic manipulator have a unique ice comet texture for the new update
oh wait, I thought the hot one had a unique texture, then can it have one?


It’s quite awesome to see a variation of frozen asteroids in the upcoming update now but I’m pretty sure certain people suggested this a while ago, including myself.


Oh really? I didn’t know that. Guess I should start crashing my ship more :sweat_smile:.

You haven’t even noticed that it was a regular asteroid with modularised colour. Knowing iA he’d rather save these kilobytes for something more useful.

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What’s with kilobytes?
Aren’t most computers nowadays have at least 500GB?
And the game is only 391MB.