Post your Wave concepts here

Since new waves start appearing, we should make our waves.

You can describe it, makes illustrations,… Just enough for people to know how the wave looks like

Roleplay style: Comrades, it seems like the henpire is starting to use new tactics, they have upgraded their weapons, armor and their military. Their new formations caused the recruits to injure, dead,… They’re getting smarter and smarter everyday, remember the egg cannon cannon cannon we joked about? Yeah we jinxed it. We now should predict what are they going to do now before it’s too late. Everyone, go to the nearest Fortune teller!

My wave(s):

Lunar Phase
As the name, here’s how the wave goes: one big Danger Zone will appear in the middle. Chickens will start making formations like the moon phases like this
When the pattern goes full moon, it’ll delay for 2 seconds and do the rest. When old moon pattern finishes, the chickens escape, another one comes in. Repeat 3 times.
Clean Sweep does exist here.


do we need a drawing or do we just need to explain the wave.

Describe your wave for people enough to know what the wave looks like

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HELL NO! Lunar phases is one of the most tedious things someone can add in a game.

Why don’t you suggest one


Why would I want to without desire? I’ve played games with lunar phases and sometimes the things can get very tricky(sometimes good, sometimes bad), it depends if you can control the phases with some item, in game this can be full mess of confuse. But whats to point of all that? We are in space, not inside a planet. This makes lunar phase absolutely out of place.

Lunar phases formations, chickens forming into 10 phases of the moon not in the moon

I think I’ll need to explain my wave more details…

I’m actually not sure I understand @Nikito’s criticism here - I don’t think the suggestion is for Lunar Phases to actually be in sync with the real lunar phase. It’s just that the chickens basically fly in and begin spreading out in the shapes of the phases.

I question how possible it is to make this look good (I am struggling to picture it), but it could be really cool if well done, in my opinion.

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Is even worse when the lunar phase is helpful only to the enemy, instead of both.

  • Trampoline

The chickens are falling from above and the bottom act as a trampoline, they bounce. The sides act as walls so they can’t run away. Difficulty determines how many chickens on screen at once.

  • Fenced Out

Like Fenced In but chickens are connected to every other chickens, so you can’t stay inside.

  • Black Hole Sucking

A black hole in the middle sucks all chicken towards it. Chicken comes from all directions and will disappear if reach the middle.

  • Let’s Spell Chicken!

It’s scrolling text chicken formation forming “CHICKEN” word coming from right to left.

  • Windmill

Chickens forming (+) sign, spinning clockwise.

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  • Egg Typhoon.

The third variation of Egg Cyclone, but eggs appear from the bottom, instead of from the top

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