New Perishable

Don’t have a name for it (because I’m not creative).
So basically it’s a Perishable that makes you lose less firepower if you die.
Price: 40 for each one. (it will come in packs of 2)
You can only mount 2 of it.
If you STILL don’t understand for example you died and lost 5 firepower, with this item you will lose less firepower by 1 (2 of these will make you lose less firepower by 2)

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Do you want this to be added?


I’d just buff Extra Lives tbh, if you die, here’s what you’ll lose:

  • 4-5 keys, depending on which store you got it from (basically like before)
  • -1 firepower for power levels 1-8
  • -2 firepower for power levels 9-14
  • -3 firepower for 15-20
  • -5 firepower from 21 onwards

Game-design wise:
In lower firepower levels, if you lose a life, your chance of success should still drop, but not by much.
In higher cases though, losing a ton is fine, but the amount you lost shouldn’t drop you back down to a weakling instantly.

Ultimately, with Extra Lives being the way it is, if I lose a lot of firepower in any given level type I’d just leave the level and try again - it gives a much higher chance of success.

Points are useless beyond tier 99 anyway.
Well unless you want tons of it for flexing, though I don’t think anyone does that anymore.

Your opinions on this?
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Perishables aren’t supposed to make the game easier.


I suggested a similar idea before:

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So if you have 20fp you will drop to 17, but if you have 21 then you drop to 16. That’s funny

Eh I thought FP drops were depend on difficulties also?

Didn’t really balance it out clearly yet, but the idea is still valid.

It seems that 55% of people want this (including me). Make that 56%.

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They are, aren’t they?

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Well, Honestly they do, but they have low ratio of effectiveness. this one saves power which have high effectiveness.

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Oh ok.

Added to v.119 :medal_sports: Idea


No way.


Also give a medal to @QuackQuack because he suggested something similar.


I am shocked, this is the first item that I suggested that got added.

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Yeah, this:


Thanks to @PlasmaX and @Starbrockle for remembering me.

May I ask you @InterAction_studios about its price and stack-ability? Considering its utility, I think it can significantly change players’ strageties and become a kind of basic equipment along with extra lives. I’m partially agree to @ChickenGaming’s suggestion, he said:

The main problem here is that when you’ve lost a life, your firepower gets nerfed severely, meaning you’d have more chance of dying again the more you play, which means an even lower chance of winning, more keys lost, and frustration keeps on rising, to the point where the player would simply leave, and never to be seen again.

(I can’t quote it because the topic was closed automatically)

To solve that problem, I think it should be rather cheap and stackable to encourage the use of it. I suggest selling 10 units for 50 keys (5 x 10) just like extra lives.

Stack-ability is slightly problematic to decide. It’s good for newbies but might buff a lot for pro players on high difficulties. I guess we need time to test and balance it and it’s good when we are still in early access. Let’s be generous, make it mountable to unlimited slots (though it won’t make sense if they exceed the lives you have) and each slot can hold up to 5 units. Make sure to reset all competitive missions to maintain fairness or temporary ban it from them. Then we will consider balancing later by players’ feedbacks. It’s gonna be a huge change for the game.


I still think reworking Extra Lives is still better since with Extra Lives being what it is as of right now, you’re investing on an item that overall, reduces the chance of success in the long run if it ever gets used.
Dying already takes some keys away from you, so I’d only find it fair if the nerf you get after dying isn’t too big, to justify for the keys lost when that item gets used.

I also find that a solution that asks you to invest even more keys just to get this “buff” (that you may or may not even use throughout the fight) just increases the amount of keys lost once the mission’s ended. (Which is most likely why I won’t be using this as I don’t die as often now, it’ll be a waste)

Key investment is a pain to go through, and I hate having to do the math myself, but I had to if I want to earn keys while playing instead of losing them, which kinda takes away the fun of it if I was more of a newbie who had just realized this fact.

Imagine explaining how to invest keys to newbies so they could actually win keys and use the keys they won properly to do more missions that could win them more keys, and so on … for a more positive feedback loop.

Like, right now, whenever I do a mission, I always calculate on the top of my head, how much keys I’ve actually used, and compare that to the final keys I’ve got just to decide if I should be happy with what I’ve done. It’s definitely not fun to tell a newbie all of this.


Ah yes @ChickenGaming, I’m talking about making it auto-use instead of perishable but it will be more expensive in invest in. For now, to follow your idea entirely will make an enormous change to the game, though it’s acceptable and understandable at some point. I suggest another rework for it:

Implement the ability to lose less FPs for the H&C series, suppose it’s newbies’ initial spacecraft. That ability will be decreased for spacecraft with higher weapon power limit, for higher firepowers and for higher difficulties. It make sure that your FP won’t be nerfed so hard if you have low FP, use weak spacecraft or play easy mission. We will need to make more effort to decide the exact numbers for them but I think it’s good enough. What do you think?

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Uhhh… Probably not, if you have more than 5 then if you die then you will lose no FP. 3 units per pack instead.