New event idea: Insanity Destiny

Mode: Insanity Destiny
Time to start: 21st every month.

Phase 1: Battle For The Safety Of Our Galaxy (5 days)

  • Our galaxy now is safe. But The Henpire is still alive and still a threat to our galaxy. Some heroes decided to go to Henpire Galaxy to end the madness once and for all.
  • But of course, final boss is never easy (Of course). Many heroes is defeated. And The Henperor is angry now. We must win this fight before The Henperor decide to use all The Henpire’s force to rematch in our galaxy.

Criteria to join:

  • Tier 50

Waves : 30 (20 first waves is Boss Rush, 10 last waves is Double Team)

Difficulty: 10 - 100%(+40% Superstar Hero in Default) (When you beat 1 level, increase 3% difficulty) (Each 10 waves, increase enemy’s weapon speed by 40%) (Each 15 waves, decrease player weapon’s damage by 10%)


  • After each 10 levels, increase points and keys multiplies by 50%, the default is 100% (Example: If I lose in level 1x, points and keys multiplies will be 150%, in levels 2x, points and keys multiplies will be 200%)
  • Only 1 time to try/day.


  • Finish waves 30: Multiply all keys player gain x5 + 300 keys and New Medal “I am YOUR Boss”
  • World Time Record: 500 keys rank 1st
  • World Points Record: 400 keys rank 1st
  • No Death Time Record (How much waves you survive without losing Life, you will be disqualified in this Record if you use Special Weapons or Satellite) (If there are more than 1 people claim rank 1st, player points will be the second criteria): 300 keys rank 1st
  • Flawless (Win Waves 30 without Extra Life): 300 keys rank 1st
  • Lowest Death Record (How much Extra Life you waste to win all 30 waves, same second criteria like No Death Time Record): 300 keys rank 1st


  • Special Weapon/Satellite: 1 minute penalty + Disqualified in No Death Time Record
  • Surrender: Disqualified from all Record in this Event


  • Win: More than 5% players pacipated the event win Waves 30, and NO PHASE 2.
  • Defeat: The win’s condition isn’t suceed or less than 1000 players joined the event.

---------------------------------------------------- End Phase 1 --------------------------------------------------

Phase 2: The Final Wave Of Destruction (2 days)

  • Attention Entire World!
  • We have failed. The Henperor have enough time to prepare the last force to invade our galaxy once more time.
  • But we still have chance. Our investigator have a report:" We will face a only [Intergalactic World Boss]" (Based on @ScarletCuboids idea: Intergalactic World Boss )
  • Let’s defeat it for the safety of our galaxy. This is our last chance.

Waves: 01 (Only a Intergalactic World Boss)
Boss Total HP: 1000000000
Difficulties: Equal to 100% Superstar Hero (Speedup enemy’s bullet speed by 40%, no marked area)
Way Of Developing Boss Battle:

  • Unlimited Health:The boss has unlimited health (means damage amplifier are nullified). You have to damage the boss as much as possible. After you died, the total damage you dealt to the boss will send to the boss, reducing it’s HP.
  • Death Time Limit: 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the boss will declare an unavoidable attack, kill you instantly without a trace.
  • No Perk: No Auto-use, No Special Weapons, No Perishables

Special: Unlimited Times To Try per day.


  • First Hit/Early Bird - The one who dealt the first damage to the boss (Must fight full 5 minute to take this record): 200 keys with New Medal “Surprise The Henpire”
  • Final Hit/Shut Down Hit - The one who dealt the last damage to end the boss whole career: 300 keys.
  • Silver Bullet Record - The one who dealt the most damage to the boss in one fight (Must fight full 5 minute to take this record): 500 keys rank 1st.
  • Damage Spammer Record: The one who dealt the most total damage to the boss: 500 keys rank 1st.
  • Fight Till The Dawn Record: The one who fight the boss most times (Only count full 5 minutes fight) (If there are more than one claim rank 1st, player’s total damage will be the second criteria): 300 keys rank 1st


  • Win - Defeat The Boss : 100 keys to every recruit paticipated the event
  • Heavily Lose - The Boss still have at least 20%HP left : No Reward
  • Normal Lose - The Boss have 10-20%HP left : 10 players who dealth most damage will have 20 keys.
  • Draw - The Boss have 5-10% left: 10 players who dealth most damage will have 50 keys.
  • Semi-Win - The Boss have less than 5%HP left but still alive : The Boss retreated, and 10 recruit who dealt most damage will have 100 keys. Other players who participated will have 10 keys.

---------------------------------------------------- End Phase 2 --------------------------------------------------
That’s all. Sorry for my bad English if you dislike. Hope @InterAction_studios like this idea. Lots Of Laugh (And/Or Suffer)

My callsign is LordHerobrine. Good Evening IA and every recruit !


I agree as long as you add that it was all a dreamnightmare at the end.

Lol, but this seem fun right ? Just like a troll (or a hell) for all :))

Have you even got to top-10 at Ironman?

Sorry, I should’ve welcomed you to the forum but this idea shocked me.

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Call it Lunatic Phantasm

Jesus fuck

Oh God


Stonks for days so no

Man what are you thinking

Please go to Gensokyo

I would like a Quad Squad over this

I’m RamonTukoso, add me if you want

Good evening to you too.

And welcome to the forum. What a perfect way to start haha.

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When you enter Henpire HQ


So you want the game harder or not? Because touhou is like op.

I feel you are turning this childhood game of mine into a nightmare game because of the ideas going into your underground =_=

Yeah sure, whatever. Stop going off-topic now.

Please stop being a masochist

I SAID stop going off-topic and STOP saying that word.

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That would be true if I buffed the game then can’t deal with it, but so far I can.

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Just because you can deal with it doesn’t mean everybody can.

I know, they’ll get used to it soon, but it’s not true what they said above since I can.

we don’t even have that many bosses lol


just why

I usually get disconnected because “Other side closed connection” so i don’t join competitive event much. Anyway, i think i can handle Ironman. Sorry because i reply late, but this is my first post, so i can’t reply fast.

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I have nerf, now, only 20 Boss Rush and 30 Double Team :))