Intergalactic World Boss

"Attention recruit!

We have detected a very powerful threat sent by the Henpire coming into the galaxy. This threat looks like a small threat to you but it’s harder than you think. We need everyone to stop this threat.

This is something considered an Intergalactic Threat because it’s capable of destroying the whole galaxy! This is unacceptable, we could not let our progress went out with a bang like that. Everyone, attack!"

Intergalactic World Boss or World Boss is an event that occurs in a time and disappear after a few days. This boss event require from several to lots of players in order to defeat it.

When the time has come a boss will spawn and it’ll roam throughout the galaxy. It’s easy to find where is it because there’s a mark on your map indicating the boss. And there will be in your mail too.

Once you locate the boss you don’t need to chase it because you can send your damage to the boss everywhere.

The boss has like billions of health, making everyone to attack the boss to kill it like those MMO games.

World Boss Fight

World Boss is a mission that the boss give you. In this mission, extra life’s are nullified. There is only one wave and it’s the boss itself. The arena is not your normal starfield but it’s located outside the Galaxy. There will be 2 ways of developing the boss battle.

  • Unlimited Health: the boss has unlimited health (means damage amplifier are nullified). You have to damage the boss as much as possible. After certain amount of time. The boss release an unavoidable attack, killing you (or a direct hit lightning strike without a warning sign). The total damage you dealt to the boss will send to the boss, reducing it’s HP.

  • Buffed Health: the boss has 5000% of its original health and the mission is like a normal battle. After you kill the boss, the damage will be sent to the boss. Also, during your fight with the boss, there will be some random drops coming from the top (or the opposite of your ship direction) descending down, taking it will multiply the damage when the boss is defeated.

The mission is 1x1, 100% - 100% difficulty, Locked on SSH. There is no cancel nor end session once you enter the arena…

After the boss was defeated (the main big one), All players who participated will receive keys as reward. Top 10 most damage dealt will receive more keys and the first place will receive Universe Hero medal.

If the boss wasn’t defeated. Well, the boss will gone and everyone receives nothing.

World boss event only starts at Friday (or any day iA likes to choose) and has a span of 3 days. The bosses are completely random with insane amount of health (big chicken can be a world boss too)

OP’s Speech: This was inspired by most of MMORPG games. Yeah…

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Ah yes, this made me remember the good old days of me playing Monster Legends

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This was remind me of Everwings game in facebook. I bet @Donny is gonna vote for U.C.O 5

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Idk, maybe it a good idea?

Just kidding, your idea is great!

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World Raids as had been done all the time? Sign me up for this and get me a fleet of Henterprise’s
And being 100% SSH would be a real proof of skill. (Look at me being dispatched from “A Mysterious Ship Approaches” fights because I can’t do these even on 50%)
Can’t wait for Hend Game World Boss onslaughts and display the minigun supremacy if it becomes real.

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or plantery egg city or egg cannon or the egg cannon cannon cannon cannon cannonade or the ci5 or ci4’s multiplicities

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Egg Cannon and the Egg Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannon Cannonade would be real world raid hours :rofl:

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I need a new boss


Uco #5 when?

bonk :hammer:

Amazing! Love it!

Can’t wait for Hend Game World Boss onslaughts and display the minigun supremacy if it becomes real.


You also believe in minigun supremacy too? Welcome to the club

I have a question about Intergalactic World Bosses. We’re going dry at max base power or we’re getting some juice prior to the fight?


Dry max power or Juice?
  • Juice
  • Max power

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Coming to think about it… I think rather than an unavoidable attack the best idea for Unlimited Health would be having a continous increasement on projectile speed and speed between patterns acting like the Rank System arcade games have. IMO that would be better than a “nope heck you” attack and shutting your attempt down once that attack comes. Some bosses would have an easier time shaking off players while others would have harder time to expel the players because we’ll eventually reach speeds that would make Raiden 2 (JP) or Toaplan games look like a joke while seeing how good a player moves in endurance against certain bosses. Hilarity ensures on Blast from the Past, Mother-Hen Ship, Bossa Nova and Henterprise duels if we get this idea of increasement of projectile speed as the duel goes.


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I did not considered it as a bump as long as is not “good idea” or anything like that


This feels like bumping but the ideas come at this speed and I’m busy doing stuff for the game and outside the game, sorry for the inconvenience if so

(For bosses with extra patterns related to damage only) Should the bosses increase in projectile output as time goes on if projectile speed increases with time endured or cycle patterns?
  • Cycle Them Up
  • Just more Projectiles
  • Just keep the increasements in projectile speed
  • Fancy button for those that don’t know which answer pick

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