Early Access version 75

Even yourself cant control about buffing stuff

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Hehe, I’m aware of it.

In my opinion, buffing this Egg Cannon is reasonable because it looks pretty corny before you give the idea of buffing its power to it.

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Can you make it lesser? In >=70, 2 slanted projectiles and >=140, 2 more slanted projectiles.
Because we don’t need difficulties. I know buffing bosses is sometimes good but we should buff bosses carfully and not with hard things.

Just like everyone said, newer = better, balancing is not a core part of a boss
Quote on quote: “Casuals exist”

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You should see that @InterAction_studios , can you just stop buffing bosses and make new bosses, new events and more ? Because there are many casuals players and noobs (I dont’t mean to shame them), there are maybe only 10-20% players are “Master Of The Game” who can improve themselves to counter all buffs. I have seen many great ideas dead because you abadoned them to pay attention for buffs (I know that buffing sometimes good, but sometimes is as hell, so PLEASE DO IT CAREFULLY). Ok, if you need example for what ideas you have abadoned, here is it:

Ok maybe that’s enough for you now. Hope you take times to read carefully all of those and please, many people wants to stop buffing.


on higher difficulty, the lvl 4 barrier shoots way more and the core start shooting faster so this isn’t a good idea

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I’d like to bring back up this suggestion: Early Access version 68.2 - #222 by GTTOP
If a balloon chicken escapes when it has only 100 hp left, for example, you get no points, and it doesn’t feel rewarding. Dividing the balloon chicken’s points for every balloon popped and the final blow would make it fairer. I’d say give 250 points for every balloon popped and 2500 to the chicken itself.


Sounds nice


How many times a balloon chocken can pop again? Just asking.

Seven. That also means that the total score is gonna increase.

How about 6000 total points (3500 total balloon points/500 per balloon + 2500 chocken points)

too much?

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I will say, regardless of the in-game impact, that the sprites for the lasers look much less appealing when they overlap randolmy like that.


Sure. I didn’t do anything at the time because I didn’t understand what it was talking about (I barely do, even now).

I’ve made some changes to address this. Changed in v.76 :medal_sports: Idea

Eventually the banner will be selectable, so no.

Changed in v.76 :medal_sports: Idea

Didn’t realize you were talking about the same issue. Medal shared.

Changed in v.76 :medal_sports: Idea
Note: due to technical reasons, points are now split as 100 per balloon, 100+100+2600 for chicken itself . Total 3500.


v76 not 75

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Simple suggestion:
Add “Hold (precision key) to slow keyboard ship movement.” to mission start tip.

No need for a medal.


iA, if the superchick and the infinichick’s sizes increased, can you at least slow them down a bit?


This is actually unique, I’d like this, this is new stuff according to me
this is a wonderful idea! i suppose, not about health buffs to make the game more boring, but that!
(Sorry for like replying to a 2 day old reply)

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Is it possible for the Magnetic Manipulator’s meteoric ring attack to move clockwise?



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