New Arabic language

please add arabic in the game it’s hard to understand the game and item in the market and my friend won’t play the game with me because that thing
so please add it

In other words, maybe after full release, but not right now.


Actually never. IA told that he’s not gonna bother translating the whole game on arabic because its really hard. Also the popularity there is insignificant.


Besides, this was already suggested, like, thrice now.

So yeah…this will probably never happen.

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Sadly, iA’s not gonna translate the game into “obscure” languages, so, you’ll have to stick with English

Boyyyy Arabic is like one of the least obscure languages. Besides his reasoning was different - he just doesn’t want to deal with their special characters, right to left writing and reading, etc. It’ll be way too hard to implement.


I agree with you, but the Arabic language is spoken by over a billion and a half billion people

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And that’s what I said as well. “The least obscure” means it’s one of the most popular languages in the world.


Bruh just log on to CIU and count the number of Arabic names you can see.

Yeah there’s a lot of typos right now and yes, there are translators but this would take a very long time, maybe never. Besides you can’t just put the entire game into Google Translate and expect it to work.

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a good reason to learn some english!! :slightly_smiling_face:


How about learning some Arabic? It is difficult to learn Arabic correctly

Do you see this nice rule? Follow it.


Is this a challenge? Because I accept it haha.

Pandemic? Check. Nothing to do apart from browsing the forums 3/4 of the day and spend the other 1/4 develop, compose, simply chill or do homework? Check.

I’m not Arabic, but I have Arabic roots. Tunisian to be exact. I was born in Bulgaria, but my mother is Bulgarian and my father is Tunisian. I never got to learn any Arabic as a child, but it’s why I can speak French instead. No one asked for this but in case there are curious peeps

Obviously this can’t happen in just a week or something like that, several months.

Now to get back on track.

Initially I didn’t notice that part, I wonder why, and all I can say is this - that’s kind of a weird reason not to play a video game. I mean, English isn’t my native language, so when I was little I understood next to nothing in the games I played, but it’s how I learned the language anyway, combined with lots of videos, forum articles, wikipedia articles, chatting, talking and a tiny bit of stuff learned from school. Plus lots of voluntary training from my part.

I think your friend can at least make an effort to memorize what each button does. The game isn’t a text adventure, so it doesn’t rely on text to work. It’s basically how I played Chicken Invaders as a kid - I didn’t understand speech bubbles or wave names, but I blasted chickens.

Hey calm down with the minimodding. The guy didn’t imply that he wanted us to use Arabic on the forum or something.


Okay :ok_hand:

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Well, it’s really easy actually. Once you get used to the right to left stuff, the rest is actually not that hard.

Since your father is Tunisian, why does he not teach you Arabic?

I am here

Same here

Also me