Advice to make the game more famous

I suggest that you add Arabic or any other language so that players understand the challenges, messages and many other things
And until the game becomes more famous
I hope you read my suggestion


Yeah, and this has been suggested plenty of times. Translations will be added after Early Access is over.


Are you an Arab my friend?

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I’ve seen some people suggested arabic translation before. Is it popular in arab?

Where are you from? I am from Egypt, my friend

i will quote ia on something

" To be perfectly honest, Arabic is unlikely to ever happen as a translation. Four reasons for this:

  1. Lack of commercial value. Hardly anyone buys Chicken Invaders in that region.
  2. Right-to-left text. I still have nightmares from trying to get Hebrew to work properly in CI4.
  3. Fragmented language (Farsi, Dari, Tajik).
  4. Weird alphabet. I understand it’s possible to also use Latin, but it’s far from standardized."

Arabic is better than any language in the world


what do you mean

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I have the right to defend my language because I am Egyptian and Muslim

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alright, but dont act like i said that, i just quoted the dev himself

We get it, but there are far too many complications. In fact, no one said anything bad about the language - it just can’t be implemented without breaking the game, or without spending too much time to get it working properly - we’re talking about time that can be spent for features we need more. Descriptions, buttons and whatnot could be messed up because Arabic is written from right to left, etc.


Iraq عراق

من اين انت where are you from

Sorry, but many countries learn second language in school, usually English.
But my experience tells me that Language not need for playing, okay only once you need translate unknown things, but after this you will play by icons and numbers.
It’s hard truth…


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This is getting off-topic now with conversations on Arabic.

It’s true that players will play by icons and numbers. Although language is most needed on purchases and troubleshooting.

I do not see a problem in not adding the Arabic language. Most of the games in the East are in the English language, just as the English language is famous and easy. The Arabic language may not be added, just as the chicken invaders game in the East does not play much. This is a reason not to add the Arabic language.


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