Early Access version 23

@Akemisora: Changed in v.24 :medal_sports: Idea

@gabytzu: Re: mission slots: Changed in v.24 :medal_sports: Idea

@ChickenInvader45: Changed in v.24 :medal_sports: Idea


hey @InterAction_studios another thing you should be able to buy hud backgrounds and music only once you don’t need those same “items” twice

Fixed in v. 24 :medal_sports: Bug


Is the axial orbit or the orbit around the sun?
Is possibile to implement both weird orbits?


Shop: music and backgrounds are now only purchasable once
don’t forget the Hud’s
and speak about the hud it is possible to put the missione codename and the wave name?? sometink like this


Hey @InterAction_studios!
After when we finish the game, Don’t forget to add Arabic language (االلغة العربية) :egypt: :kuwait: :saudi_arabia:
Because, my friends wants to play CIU Arabic version.

Can we get mirrored version of most waves?


IA will not bother for sure to add Arabic language(sorry). I want to play CIU bulgarian version, but sometimes the request is not enough.

We’ll probably see the basic languages from previous episodes (Spanish, french, italian, polish,) and maybe we see some new ones (maybe there’ll be arabic language, fun fact in ci4 there was planned to be korean and japanese language because there are flags of these countries in game files, if i’m not wrong of course.)

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Universe is the biggest game of the ci series.
(And a fan recruiting game)
In my opinion it must have more languages than the previous ones (Maybe added in later updates after release… but still needs them to be added)

CIU is still in the early access phase and the English language has a lot of typos right now, implementing different languages, especially those like Japanese or Arabic would be extremely hard in this state right now.

Those translations were made but they’re only available in those regions, since the texture files for them are too large to fit into the regular version


I know this is not an urgent feature but I would like to buy from the shop the two versions of the main themes of Universe
(Cost 250 keys)

P.s am I the only one?

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We need more ideas for… well not need, but I’m sure IA would appriciate it:
-Spaceships - yes, spaceships. Looking back at the Plan Upates this was one of the more important things - and I agree, as we only have starter and late game ships.
-Power-ups, or now superweapons. We haven’t had many in a while, actually if I think about it, but there were many some time ago.
-Weapons - while many were suggested, I don’t think many of those were… liked. Many were simple and didn’t stand out. So, let’s get some more.

Why don’t I think of these? Oh, so you are racist against “Davoid’s” now are you? Huh?
Nah jk, I actually just wanted mostly to bring into attention that spaceships is a thing IA wants.

I mean some did try but they weren’t really good…

That being said: how about a long but thin ship? Here is some example paint designs


When changing the engine power in the ship customization menu, at one point it goes up/down by two bars at a time.


Take a look at that MF-ing list:
Collection of ideas liked by InterAction Studios

I think that we don’t need to brainstorm new ideas. Just take our time and think about something really good.


Did you update ze list

Fixed in v.24 :medal_sports: Bug