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How about making the highlights 1 minute? (the exact video length limit in youtube shorts)

Well, that depends on the length of the footages, which I think might make it hard to reach 1 minute exactly

Yeah, I’ve noticed some of the recent ones are around 20-30 seconds. Its not bad, but it wouldn’t hurt to make them a bit longer. Unless, its because the GEN system doesn’t have enough footage to compile.

Does GEN only focuses on newbies? In most short highlights I only see the highlights between new players.


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This is why. A lot overlapping criteria sometimes don’t leave enough options available.

No, there is no such criterion.


By the way, all of today’s videos have “low detail” on by mistake :frowning:


I think it’s because of the minimum difficult that was required to be on TV is 50%.

Well, i’m starting to have a suggestion that the minimum difficult should be higher, not 50%+ anymore. Since i see a lot of “dumb” moment appear too much. And myself is starting not want to suggest for GEN too much things like now (it’s too tired for me)

My opinion shows that if we can change this, i think this could be changed a lot of things, which can make GEN better in a short step. What do you think about this?

Hmm… Quite reasonable. :thinking:
Though, not every veterans will fly it frequently. :woman_shrugging:

The first highlight in Highlights 2 (May 14) - Chicken Invaders Universe makes me feel unsure if that’s actually a “dumb death” moment or not, because if you died by blind movement or “blind ramming” then most shown highlights already had that.

That number is confirmed by iA before.

It’s not worth, since we sometimes make some “dumb death” too.
You should look into some “dumb” moment in Skillful video.

I was about to report this just now. Could you please elaborate on how this happened?

Shortest highlight video

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Is it me or is this clip being recorded very slowly?

I just toggled it to “low” by accident. I have now fixed this so it’s always forced to high during video capture.

Hmm… yes. Very odd. I’ve captured it again, and it captures at full speed. So something must have happened during the original capture and the PC couldn’t muster 60fps :man_shrugging:


Just a reminder about two polls done in here about some possible tweaks to the GEN system.

Not sure if the second one was implemented.



This already happens.


Hmm, the second and fifth clips in this Short don’t seem “worthy” enough. The second one likely was chosen based on difficulty, but not much was done.

u forgot to save edited title and desc XD



I wouldn’t call this disaster averted, considering the player got hit by a fireball. Does the game just randomly throw out a quip when the footage is being compiled?