GEN Discussion/Feedback

Shouldn’t this be Highlights 5?

Yes. And the current criterion for appearing in a video is only whether player died (not whether they got hit).



Is Epic wave/Multiplayer highlights becoming rare or uncommon? Because

  1. I notice that the Epic wave highlights sometimes not uploaded
  2. I notice that the Multiplayer highlights are 20-30 seconds or shorter

I forgot yesterday :grimacing:

Not enough multiplayer games. I suppose I could allow multiple clips from the same host, although that would make them more samey.


Hey, showcased again!

I noticed my theme didn’t factor in the text color (I have option 4 selected), thus making the actual score hard to see on my theme (I know it’s irrelevant in Races, but just pointing it out).

On “What’s the Time?”, I saw significant slowdown. Is that due to all the assets in that wave or was it the hardware (or software) struggling to capture it?

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That has been fixed for v.146

Ugh, not again. It’s because the capture PC couldn’t manage 60fps at that point. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t, but sometimes I notice slowdown for no apparent reason. A reboot usually fixes that, however capturing runs unsupervised during the night, so…


I’ve watch most of the Highlight Shorts and one thing that stands out is when the quips appear to transition between other clips, the BGM stops. But, you can tell the theme is still playing, based on what you don’t hear. So, here’s a poll about a somewhat minor change.

Should the BGM play during clip transitions?
  • Yes
  • No
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Is the GEN system finished or does it still need more improvements?

I just saw the second reel in this compilation video (linked below), and noticed how the camera didn’t move towards the enemies at all. I think it should center to all enemies at the end of each clip.

UPD: Had to edit the link for the video to embed properly again.

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In my view, the GEN system can still be improved, if IA is willing to do so. Even minor stuff, like the BGM poll I started, could improve on it to some degree.


I’ve changed this. Let’s see tomorrow.

I’m constantly making minor tweaks. Although, with the Summer Edition I haven’t had much time to work on it.

Ok, let’s try that tomorrow.


Not sure if this was asked before, but will the seasonal content used for these videos when the time comes?

Currently, no seasonal content is used.

But it could be.


Did I say yesterday’s tomorrow? I meant today’s tomorrow.


you could’ve stated the date, so i guess your statement implies that it’ll occur on may 30th


Hmpf. Anyway…

The same thing happens in the first clip. Could you please apply this modification to this kind of compilation as well?

That would move the focus away from the player (who might still be doing “skillful” things).

A better solution might be to disable horizontal waves for portrait videos.


Ok, (most) landscape waves are now disabled in videos.


is it including the bosses, in horizontal screen?

What if there should be a separate videos for each players who appear on Top 10 in Dailies and Space Race?