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Probably a youtube duplicate upload bug


The UI color in vid does not match my ingame UI, huh

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iA cause already reported since 1 month.




is it just me or are the highlights a bit unsophisticated [random]

Should CIU’s title theme have a chance to play in highlights?
  • Yes
  • No
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it has

All music tracks have a chance to be used in hightlight video. Beside, CIU title theme is already appeared once time, if i’m not wrong.

Ohh wait, except Darkness, Thundercluck, CIU title (ambient) and Anniversary. These tracks haven’t seen in video. But i think they can’t be added.

In this moment, players only shoot once time by Beam, and then they have got in TV. What am i seeing something special in here? :face_with_monocle:

The Skillful video need to be reworked a lot, but i don’t know how should i start with?

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The criteria itself is the utmost importance. As seen, some of the highlights actually feel… Empty because some players are not doing anything much, like stay still in the same spot and hadn’t died for once, for example.

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that’s just how the algorithm currently works, gotta take a lot of time for iA to make it work properly

i agree, the same people are being conveyed/portrayed

yo boy plays everyday and hasn’t made it on the weather foreast


Basically, from what I see, anything that is competitive gameplay (League dares, KO matches, dailies, etc.) is put into a regular video, showing a different player’s perspective.

Everything else that isn’t competitive, like regular missions, that’s put into Shorts highlights.

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The matches on social networks are also good, but what if from this GEN system, maybe in the future it can develop into the biggest tournament on the planet? Because before now, all the Chicken Invaders matches from the past and present have appeared on the Youtube platform, but Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram rarely appear. After all, I also occasionally watch some of the most beautiful matches.

Would it be possible to have the GEN system record a KO round that isn’t a quarterfinal or later? It can pick one match from Day 1-4, to show how the brackets thin out and showcase other players duking it out.


First time we saw a moment from Invasion Anniversary mission:

That’s strange. Wasn’t the Anniversary Mission set to not record?

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I’m still waiting for this.
I remind this again because today i saw a moment that the POV camera didn’t work correctly in Twice Infinity boss

This is known:

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