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Seems the same player appeared twice (in the first and last clips) in this Short.

Links only works in the description/comments not in the title


No, it’s appeared several time.

He did eventually follow my advice and now links to the game (and also to his website) from the channel page, though.

IMO, he should bring back the hashtags back to the highlights, preferrably in the description of those videos.


I think we can even tell callsigns in highlights

for some reason this says april 4th instead of may 4th

Bro got AFK in the second of this Short, still enough to get on the TV show

Other people: This is unfair :skull:


This is why the criteria needed to be reworked.

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you clearly do not see what was strategically genius coming from this player. he was using a hidden strategy called the “Luigi” (aka do literally nothing and wins), however he did not get a good enough gaming chair to suceed and died a really tragic death. the algorithm realized this and put the footage in the video. truly magnificent! /j

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I feel like the camera is a bit slow when following the player. One notable example is where the video shows the player die off-screen for no reasons.


Sorry – it took me a while to read your report and the original video data has been deleted by now. I tried to recreate the circumstances, but I couldn’t get the bug to reproduce locally.

Please let me know if anyone notices this again and I’ll investigate immediately.

Ugh, there was an incorrect 1-second wait between starting OBS capture and starting video playback. It’s fixed now.

That was a wrong copy-paste on my part. I’ve since corrected it.

This is allowed (the same players appearing in two consecutive clips is not, however).

Again, a copy-paste issue. Fixed.

Fixed (almost) all cases of this. This change will take 1-2 days to take effect.

Camera uses a 0.3-second smoothing window to avoid jittery/nauseating videos if players violently move around. But this particular video is indeed suspect. I think it’s because the player moved the mouse to the left immediately after dying, so the camera moved along with it (so the player would be visible when spawning).


I know the second highlight are all fails (deaths), but the one two punch in the first clip is worthy of being highlighted. Getting hit by a Phoenix fireball and then dying stings hard.

Is the fourth highlight video (MP sessions) just dedicated to Invasion missions for the GEN system to record it? I occasionally host boss rushes and I don’t think I’ve seen said mission type (nor Retro missions) in these highlights.

Just a notice but… Why haven’t i seen any moment in “Defeat boss” that player defeat the Henterprise :face_with_monocle: is this because of RNG?

For Henterprise, I guess it’s because of the long time it takes until it is actually defeated (same with the retreat one)

i feel like the CI5 Boss Theme and the Thundercluck Theme deleted in randomizing music, is it true?

Found some sound loops in this vid:

  • Around 4:10, UFO loop on right player
  • At 12:12 has plasma rifle loop on left player
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Thanks, I’m on it.


Ok, fixed it. The issue was that the game was briefly paused in the original recording, and cutting out the paused section for the video didn’t correctly handle ongoing sounds.


i realise the bug has existed since first GEN vid u did