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This thread serves as a more centralized place for players to share any new GEN content posted by IA, discuss/parse the content and to share any feedback about said uploaded content and how IA can tweak the GEN code.

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Here’s a cross post of what IA last said about the GEN from the v144 Thread:

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From these four videos, the only one that I can give praise to is in the #1 Highlights, where that H&C defeats Burger within the enclosed flame attack.


Is it possible to pin the topic of GEN on main site?

While every days before GEN take the gameplay from top 1 and 2 in Daily Hard. So why today we’re seeing the gameplay of top 3 and 4?

I also wonder who is the unamed guy?

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I’m thinking about an idea for people in GEN vids, that’s give them some gifts for being chosen in a video/short


  • Being chosen for a highlight video: +50 keys
  • Being chosen for a competitive video: +75 keys (+ 150 extra keys if that guy won in a video)

Shall people who participate in a video/short gets rewarded like this…?


This video’s title (shown below) has the wrong date, it doesn’t match the date in thumbnail.

Thanks to GEN and the video that posted in all media, now i have enough proofs to report this, which i want to report for a long time.

I choose “Egg Billiard” wave and “Chicken Interception” wave from this video

In “Egg Billiard” wave (look at 14:12), you can see that the firepower is dropped from different enemy. One is dropped from the right, and one is dropped from the left. I thought the firepower should be dropped in a same enemy for everyone, so it can be fair.

Secondly, in “Chicken Interception” wave, one side that dropped Neutron Gun and Riddler , and the other side that dropped Corn Shortgun and Positron Stream. And the enemy that keeping those Gift aren’t same together.

I hope iA will fix this soon, for the fair of a Competitive mission.

That was a bug. The intention was always to show a random pairing from the top-10.

Besides, the top 1+2 from today took 45 minutes, and it was very boring to watch.



I understand what was happening with both of them.

Wait, how could be 45 minutes?

The top1 only take 17:34 to complete, while the top4, which are already in the video, is longer 1 minute.

Both enemies contain atom drops for both players, however there is a limit of 1 atom per wave. So as soon as you drop the first one (whichever one that is), the other one is disabled.

This is because those gifts drop from dynamically-spawned enemies (UFO pilots), which is the only case the RNG cannot be perfectly repeatable.


The video must wait until both players complete a wave before advancing. The top-10 only shows a single player’s total time. To calculate the video time you would need to take the longest time between the two players for each wave.


What if this case happening: One player take the firepower from the last enemy of the wave, and one player take the firepower from the first enemy of the wave. I give you the sample for this, so you can understand:

  • Both two players are bringing Positron Stream, and they also received one Firepower and one “Positron Stream” gift same as together.
  • According to what am i writing above, if this case happened, the player which received the firepower from the last enemy of the wave will get more point. You know the rule that the more power you have, the more score you have when take a Firepower.

So can you change that? In Competitive mission, the different Gifts from each people can effect Weapon Virtuosity, which can cause different result for each players.

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Since enemies do not visibly show whether they are carrying a drop, there will generally always be a discrepancy between the two players (the player who kills the enemy sooner, gets the drop sooner). If this drop is an atom, for example, the extra fire power might allow them to gain more multi-kill bonuses, or kill enemies which would otherwise escape. I don’t see an issue with this. :man_shrugging:


On Galatic Cup Quarterfinals bracket 2, on wave Morning Rush Hour, I only hear the Plasma sound (eh, this sound again?) on the right side.

The next station “semifinals”

This is clearly unfair case. One side appear the Klaus, which can give you more than 5k points total (i don’t remember exactly the score when destroy Klaus’s main body). And the other is the Toxic, which only give you 1,000 points