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From what the highlight is

To me it’s showing epik waves

Anything that’s not currently recorded as competitive is eligible for highlights.

This is why. But if there’s a strong preference for either one, I can force it in the videos.

The death happened very close to the end of the wave/recording, so it wasn’t possible to ‘center’ it in the video. I’m now discarding deaths very close to the end of the wave to avoid this in the future.

Space Race is coming in a couple of hours.

Ironman and Weekly currently take up too many resources to record (because they are long and last many days), but it’s possible we’ll see them in the future.

It could apply to either… but ok, I’ve now moved it to “player deaths”

The camera pans to the ‘center’ of all bosses (that’s because I don’t actually know in advance which boss will die). When there’s only one boss, this works. When there’s more… eh.


Can you make it display wave time difference instead of score difference? Since this is space race and score doesn’t matter


Can @InterAction_studios have a look into this? It’s just about my effort to improve the quality of the videos, to make sure that more people is interesting in our game.

A clock for each players and a bar slowly extending if the player is slower by amount of time

Score can be put to the side where the clock is

What’s your preference about shake effects in the videos?
  • Strong/default (As pro-gamer mode is off)
  • Short/fast (As pro-gamer mode is on)
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Well, unlike score, time flows evenly for both players. So the time difference would be constant throughout each wave, making the graph boring.

Perhaps the graph could be replaced with something else altogether… I’ll try out a few things.


I’ll add this.

Minimum difficulty is 50%

I’m not sure… sometimes the special weapon usage is creative, and provides some variation.

I’ve experimentally removed special weapons (will take effect in 2 days)

It does. However, there are hundreds of potential highlights each day, and there is a lot of randomness in the selection, so it’s possible that it hasn’t appeared yet.


I accept the case that players using those SW/Sate in “epic/semi-epic wave” moment or Multiplayer moment (whatever boss wave or normal wave). But in single player mode, i think SW/Sate is not neccessary to use (except “The Yolk Star!” boss :eyes:, i guess)

Speaking about the bosses, you forgot to reply me this:

(for the Skillful evasion skills moment)

And don’t forget to look at this, since i see some moments that player defeat one of all bosses in the wave, which not enough for players to “solve the problem completely” of the wave.

NEW: I said that i have no suggestions for Multiplayer moment. But now i’m wrong after looking at those Multiplayer videos once again.
There are some moments that i only see one people in that room. I mean, the multiplayer videos should show some/many people playing together. But i still see some moments that there is only one player in a moment (the newest video is an example).
I hope this will be fixed soon, we can see at least 2 players in each moments. And…While showing a moment, the POV camera should move flexibly from a player to another player. Don’t keep the camera to force to record only one player.

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i feel like that the “Among Us” wave appears in highlights more frequently than the others, is it a coincidence?


Do this here

Also do a +s next to the clock

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Hm. My gameplay somehow was just briefly shown in one second (the beginning). Was that a bug?

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Yolk-Star has already appeared.

Chicken Exponentiality has been removed for the same reason as “Show’em who’s Boss”, namely that killing the first boss doesn’t end the game.

Hend Game: Doesn’t appear because it’s not immediately destroyed upon death.

MHS: Which one? MHS2 has appeared.

Double Team has also appeared.

I’ve made some changes now and this should be fixed.

True, certain waves appear waaaaay too frequently. I made some changes a couple of days ago, but I see they didn’t fix the problem. I’ll look into it.

Ugh. Something went wrong and that recording started before the camera had a chance to center over the host. The files are gone now, but I’ll keep an eye out if it happens again.


I mean… the “Skillful evasion” video, not the “defeating bosses” videos. Like showing the process that the player was dodging each moments while fighting with the bosses, not defeating them.

That’s why i gave you this:

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Ah, right. Well, the skillful video only shows a handful of waves right now (due to a bug). They will appear once I managed to fix that.

I don’t collect enough information to be able to tell if/when that happens. It could be added, but it requires a client update (new version).


I saw the medal displaying at the end but it only shows when a player completes their gameplay.

It should display both at the same time It should show total medals at the end, aside with score imo.


I wonder, can the same player appear in a highlight 2+ days in a row or is there a cooldown period before that player can appear again?

It’s “Hightlight 2 May 01”, not “Hightlight 1 May 02”


the hightlights usually record at the start of the waves, instead of random moments right?

Not necessarily. For example, the 1st highlight of the day always starts showing clips just before each boss dies.

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