🥳 Galactic Party 2023 - 5th Anniversary + Multiplayer Party (16 December 2023)

Hello everyone, it’s that time of the year again and this one is special.

CIU is almost passed through 5 years, which is a great milestone for the game. During those years, interAction has done his best to create many outstanding contents for the game, especially with recent the CI story games remaking. And don’t forget to thanks to the community for helping hands iA for tracking bugs, and also giving stupendous and countless ideas to the game.

Although there have been some downsides around the community corners, hope everyone will forget those and rather enjoy our childhood franchise more than remaining those.

To celebrate this milestone of CIU, we will gather our spacecrafts at one place as usual. And i will let the community to decide which location for the party.

Which location would you like the party to take place this time? (Read my explanation below this poll before voting)
  • Space Burger
  • Heroes Academy
  • Smallest planet
  • Custom location
  • Others
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Poll explanation:
Space Burger : Choose this if you like tradition party.
Heroes Academy : It fits with the CI stories remaking line (CI2U might not finish before anniversary) and because CI1 anniversary mission is at there too.
Smallest planet : We will simulate the first social experiment again (more detail in here). If this goes through, please help me find the smallest planet.
Custom location : If this goes through, comment below your idea for the custom location (building or structure) and this will be an idea suggestion. In case of the suggestion fails, the second most voted option will be the chosen location.
Others : Other location and comment below which location you prefer to (include single vote if necessary)
Extra note: I have included wormhole option down here due to many suggestions of this.

Time and location will be announced later once this poll ends.

May the forks be with you all.


Hmm… did we ever meet in the Wormhole?


never done
but i don’t wanna include it directly in the poll due to the requirements to reach there


Better leave Space Burger and Heroes Academy away because we already have it.
I agree with @Mzdziungwa then.
you know that even Wormholes itself having unfixable bug about the visual so let’s see if many people come there then the bug will go bruh


I’m all in for a wormhole.


It would be awesome to see everyone warping through a wormhole at the same time


Especially that the amount of CIU player was increased a lot because of Mobile version. Just look at CIVN community first, this community has a lot of people join CIU after the official Mobile version was released, they know our game by many ways (TikToks, friends, Youtube,…).

I won’t change my mind about voting Hero Academy. I know that this place was already celebrated last year, but we should notice that iA is releasing each CI stories from recently back to the past (CI5U, CI4U, and now is CI3U. CI2U will be released after that, and finally, a multiplayer party (if possible) for CI1U (it’s Anniversary mission)).
That’s all. I think we can try to choose a star system that it’s very large for a lot of people.


Let’s not exaggerate with that “many”. For 5 years it’s not really that much.

I would vote for black hole too, but if requirements to get there are a no go, then let’s redo the smallest planet since right now we have a ton of player spaceships and maybe it could break the engine when ships don’t fit.

Factually correct. Once it pulls you you wouldn’t get out.


Judging by what I saw when debug mode was still a thing in CIU, the worst thing that can happen with a large amount of objects at the same place is an enormous FPS drop.


Well that too, but did debug mode allow to spawn like a 500 spaceships docked to a planet? Maybe there would be some visual bugs with spaceship rings.

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Location suggestions: (god damn enter key)
1- Cleodaeus

2- Omphale

3- Damnameneus

4- Caletor

5- Dolops

6- Coresus

7- Euronotus

8- Amythaon

The last one; Aparctias, the land of Serious Shopgirl, accompanied by a Heroware, Gus’ Gas, Heroes Academy, and Space Burger.

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If IA can’t do a Wormhole Party, then how about a Heroware Party?


alright i heard you guys want the Wormhole option

  • Wormhole
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It seems like everyone loves to stay at the wormhole. Well, I’m in wormhole too.
But wow, 5 years passed after an eye blink. What a great milestone the game achieved.


Wormhole it is then.

I love this place. A large place for everyone. This also nearby a wormhole.


It’s that time of year again where iA’s computer and internet is gonna dai again

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remember we need to connect to the game but we can’t connect

Come to Heroes Academy for coming soon CI2U and Party Like It’s 2002 (not sure).