Social Experiment (Ended)

Thank you for participating !


A massive lag test? I’m in

Who’s “the leader”?


The real question for me is:

In what time zone?

6/6 is the date, not the time.

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Selected: <2> Place

We need to find small planet for best effect.

Like this one:

Now this planet is different because of the alternate heighmap. I am 100% sure that this is the smallest planet in the galaxy.

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If you choose something close to me I can join. :slight_smile:

My location

Please, send screenshot with this planet a little further (or say what constellation it is) !

Hey, could you chooſe a planet? I’m thinking in region 2 in your poll due to its rank and central location.

Please, i can’t lead the way, because my Time Zone UTC+3, start without me, i will come later

Please find planet in #2 place

I’m afraid I can’t, becauſe my internet’s ſo bad right now that I can’t even log in the game. If noöne elſe ſuggeſts one by 6 (UTC) tomorrow, I’ll pick one then; hopefully my internet will work.

What constellation should I go? 2, 3 or 6?

Let’s go !


Come here


You seems what your squadrons are going smaragos and carya, but i was Confused.


How many diameters have this planet? Also there you go:

The finger point the star :slight_smile: I can go back there because of the wormholes. If someone agree the planet im going.


I don’t know. I’m getting confused.

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4 ships on this planet