I need your help making the Henperial fleet come to life

Recruit #75 here…

Right now, the galactic map looks empty, devoid of activity. Despite the narrative stating that a massive war between the Henpire and the UHF is raging on, the galactic map suggests otherwise.

I might have a solution to this, albeit a complicated and massive solution, but one that be a bold step in making CIU worthy of being the successor to the previous CI games.

I’m talking about the Henperial Fleet.

The premise of this idea is to have enemy ships that can roam around the galactic map. That’s the core part of the idea anyways, I have concepts like UHF docking stations, Henperial shipyards, and potentially even the THE big bad of CIU. These ships can target all the regional stores and potentially other UHF friendly locations, disabling their functionality for a certain period of time eg; two days). Players can attack these ships and get exclusive rewards in a boss fight, such ships are modular in design and can have multiple variations for each class.

But I have an issue, my artistic and game balancing skills are inadequate for making such a monumental idea, so I’m asking you, the forum members for help in making my idea come to life. You can contribute by making artwork of the different Henperial ships, UHF bases, and more, along with tweaks for gameplay balance and quality control. I’ll reward your contribution by mentioning you when my idea is finalized and is submitted.

I’ve looked at the forum for quite a while now and I’ve found the following recruits who are very promising:

@Kylo-Hen @anotheruser12 @Darth_Skembesion @Taubsi @vinhso @GgWw1175

I apologize for the interruption in your daily life. If you think you can help, let me know by replying in the comments.

The stuff disclosed here is just a basic introduction to my idea, I’ll disclose more details once there are enough contributors.

As always, May the forks be with you all!


Hummm… this idea is interesting. i also thought about Space crabs roaming around the galaxy before but this is way better. my idea for henpire bases will be planets which are surrounded with chickens. and a dark version of heroes academy


First of all, every star system would have random chickens just flying across it. Planets/Suns will also already have chickens around them. Unless that specific planet or sun has been completely cleared, they won’t go away. This should make the galaxy map feel more alive.

There is also galactic events, this one is called ‘‘Interception’’, which goes like this:

Chickens can randomly attack regional stores at any moment, you will be notified in your mailbox if one is currently happening somewhere near you, along with the coordinates of said store.
The chickens are going to attack the store eventually destroying it, Repelling these sort of events are going to reward you handsomely with something from that specific store. (Spacecrafts and other spacecraft parts are excluded.) For this case it’s the Space Burger. Defeating the Chickens that are currently attacking it will give you about 500 food items as a reward. Attempting to Intercept them will give you a mission that is about 10 waves long, and while doing it, your ship will be in full-warp mode, meaning that projectiles are slightly faster. At the end there will be a random boss fight with the Space Burger being behind it. After defeating the boss, you would have now saved the Space Burger.
However, bear in mind, that if you don’t act fast enough, (2-3 Minutes time) The corresponding store will be destroyed meaning you will not be able to get anything from it until it is repaired. (This usually takes one day.)


The destroyed Space Burger should look like this:


“Do all the hard work for me and I’ll be sure to include your names as a P.S.”

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That’s something called “society”

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