DLC: "Chicken Invaders Stories"

Idea: Remastered Chicken Invaders (3,4,5) in CI Universe Engine
New button: Story

When you pressed button, you will see this:

Alright, you pressed Revenge of the Yolk, What will you see ?


I think it’s unnecesary, the games are already on sale, people that own them probably won’t buy this DLC. That being said, why should they re-remaster games? I don’t think they have time for that.
This also makes no sense lore wise, but some things can always be ignored.
Those games weren’t balanced for this game!
While yes, most waves could be stitched together, why should we pay just to have them organised in a neat order if they are already present?


dlc bad

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What about CI3 input lag?

Increased difficulty on stories seems interesting but…

Artifact Recovery Missions

What would @Electronic_Arts would think about this?

Electronic_Arts is a joke account. Who cares what they’d think?

Everyone? And you will get reported if you keep offending us!

We would think about adding extra difficulties expansion pack!

As i see, you are already tired of EA :upside_down_face:

I don’t mind them that much if they ſtick to their own topic. But yeah, the joke’s kinda grown old.

The joke got burried in the depths of forgotten topics, but we’ll continue posting here! It’s our right!

Privilege, maybe.

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