Even more environmental effects

And? We’re all here to give opinions, you’re no different.


Oh yeah ik that double team is torture. Never said it was good tho. Then again, I don’t play those things often so I can’t say much.

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I dont think reverse movement is suitable in shoot 'em up games, especially when the movement may affect your gameplay
controlling with mouse would lotta harder to predict if you had it, though keyboard wouldnt be great either since it doesnt move as effective

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Elaborate. Which attack are you talking about and why do you think it’s unfair?

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About the last phase of the canon when it shoots eggs with light speed

I like the attack i didn’t say it should be removed i am just giving examples since it doesn’t warn you before it shoots

It will warn you with some visual effect before it starts the effect


  1. It can be dodged easily and
  2. You can sit above and below the cannon and it’ll never shoot the eggs there, whatsoever.
    It’s not really difficult at all, nor unfair.
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I mean if warning you before giving you the reverse effect is unfair this should be also unfair

If thats your logic

What are you even saying, lol

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i don’t get it

Of course, why would a effect like that not be warned
Though it still wouldnt effect how you would be able to move your ship more effective while having that

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Go ahead mock me

If you can’t understand
I wouldn’t force you to understand


I said that it will warn you before it gives you the effect

He says that it is unfair

I say if that’s unfair to you canon canonade should be also unfair to you

I never said anything about warnings…

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Egg cannon cannon cannonade is not that unfair
its just because of the projectile speed increased if you are using SSH that is why you think its unfair


Do you play without sound or something? There is an audible gun cocking sound before each shot. That’s your warning.
Other than that, what Orandza said. On high difficulties, dodge the entire volley instead of trying to go through it. The attack is fair.


heated discussion here, i’ll also give my opinion.

Reversing controls on a bullet hell game is absolute bs and it shouldn’t be on CIU.

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And as we’ve demonstrated, it was a rather poor example.

but then why should ECCC should be unfair just because of its phase 3