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@InterAction_studios Hello, could you cancel 2 challenges (1 in the picture because the other read and moved to the league through the letter) or is this against the rules? It will just be a pity that I could not answer these challenges and the rating will fall.

Yeah, actually I suggest it before.so we can poll it again

Should cold environments slow down heating of the weapons?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t care

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You know we just had similar topic 5 days ago?

Yes, it’s not just about frozen but it also has it.


Then another question arises: what disadvantages should a cold environment have?

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Why should it? Can’t we have an environment that makes the game a little easier? This is also a question to IA so feel free to answer it.

If you really, really want all environments to have disadvantages then maybe Blizzard would suffice:

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Frozen environment exists, and it might only have some ice covered in the screen

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It’s just decoration.

Even for this reason alone, I think this would be a worthwhile change.


You’re right.
It can slow down the time distance of each shot. I mean for example in Boron railgun, when you’re at 10 fire powers, It actually is shooting each bullet so fast, then a cold environment can slow down the time distance of each shot to 8 fire powers.
Damage is same damage but time distance changed.

Nice idea. Hope I.A will add it soon

so he wont add this

Thanks for letting me know

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because it’s hot.lol

It needs a catch it also slow you down when the screen gets frozen

The more the screen gets frozen your spacecraft will slow down what do you think ?
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It honestly add purpose of the freezing screen

Why would it slowdown?

Are you a chipmunk?!


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