The scrapyard

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Basically you can collect scrap from enemies in the topic.

The scrapyard is a location like any other, however they will be rarer than them. It will have several features:
-You can sell scrap here (If added from previous topic)
-Higher selling prices for all items (Probably not logical, thanks Traveller)
-The junk shop - It works as a normal shop allowing you to buy items, with limited stock. Each day it is randomized and refilled, thus you never know what items you might find. They are cheaper than other locations, but a lot more unpredictable.
When a player sells his items here, they will come for sale here, however at a much steeper price than normally, so you can’t just farm keys.
-Rusty items? Much cheaper items with decreased capabilities
-Illegal items could appear randomly here and would be a source of black market items (They don’t check what they get, as long as it’s scrap). This could be used with some police mechanics.


This doeſn’t follow. Selling ſtuff for ſcrap is uſuälly only good as a laſt reſort, as moſt things are worth far more than their metal.

You clearly haven’t heard about PLN grosze and selling them on scrapyard.

A lot of currencies have worthleſs denominations, but that’s an exception to the general rule. People don’t by new cars and then ſell them for ſcrap.

Nice. Also, while ago I made a idea about Scrapyard fly-by missions. So, this would be also a cool addition.

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