Early Access version 85.3

in coridor shooter wave is missing clean sweep bonus!!
I knew that was there before!..at least I remember that I recive!

I don’t see why not.

A quick peek at the code reveals it’s enabled for that wave. I’m currently experiencing some hardware problems and I can’t check more in depth.

ok :slightly_smiling_face: but I’m 100% that I was recive the bonus before and I’m 100% that is kill all the enemies and I don’t recive the bonus!

in the mission completed info the droid raid mission are not counted!!!
it is possible to make them countable??? it will be very useful!!! it will be also a good way to track the droids!!!

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Can you explain more? I couldn’t understand.

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the doid mission they are not counted…as mission completed
not shown on this numbers

not easy but is important and useful

a solution if is possible and maybe not so difficult make it them counted as single unit…like another info droid completed…

Pecking Order isn’t possible at “Portal Shotgun” wave:

Um IA, I think I found a big problem here:

On the Zig zag wave, seem like the balloon chicken are actually disappear by no reason. I don’t know why but can you fix this plz?
EDIT: If you design to fix this bug, give this bug medal to the GoldenBoss for report this than me.


I think popped balloons are still part of the wave formation, so they disappear while they’re still on the screen.


already reported

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iA: Add Danger Zones on Anomaly Zones at “Panzer Strike” wave, because Panzers may come from Anomaly Zones.

How about you allow Chickenauts and Egg Ships at “The Weakest\Strongest Link” wave(not Slobs tho)?

How about the player be able to assign the mission again but at a different squadron?

Why did I get notification if the player is last seen 3 hours:

Why is there Pecking Order? Also the sign didn’t appear at other containers after I destroyed that one:

Can you make CIU background be used at retro & anniversary missions?

Reported before :arrow_down:

Not harder than “Wormhole” or “Palpitating Grid” waves.?

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would be that hard to kill them at low FP (if you died alot)

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iA, there doesn’t seem to be much logic behind the end mission cups that are given to you based on the difficulty. This 1*5 73-78%(+SSH) Asteroid mission is “Very Hard”, but a 1 *7 64-71%(+SSH) is Intermediate?

I even got more score on the Chicken Invasion, so what are the requirements for a mission’s overall difficulty? It doesn’t seem to be consistent across mission types currently.

I believe it depends on the difficulty bonus but dont quote me on that

the difference between the two is only 8%

I think it’s determined by mission length/max length and difficulty bonus, maybe that’s why the chicken invasion is much lower, since those missions can go on for much longer. Still, this doesn’t make much sense.

In map mode there is a graphical artifact that if the ship goes offscreen the name disappears
I think that when the ship goes offscreen it gets rendered like a hundred pixels more and then the name disappears and you won’t see the disappearing

That’s not an artifact. The game unloads graphics which are not on screen resulting in this. Same happens with planets from time to time and exhausts of spacecrafts.

Oh hey, you can actually make this happen just as the wave starts.

Please add an anomaly zone to the bottom of the Treasury so you can actually go for the containers if you decided to be a doofus and spin around right as the wave starts.


Already reported: