Bomber Pods Paintjob + Update on Bomber Winglet Paintjobs

Recruit #75 here…

While I’m pleased to see the idea for the new bomber winglets were considered by the UHF, I did recieve disappointing news that due to the sheer number of new paintjobs, the idea was on halt. So I need YOUR help in this.

The max number of paintjobs for any section of a spacecraft seems to be 7, so this means that if we sacrifice one family of winglet paintjobs, we can add the variations for the other two families. I know this is a hard choice to make for us recruits, so if the UHF is hearing this, are we indeed limited to 7 paintjobs for each spacecraft sections, or could that number be increased to say 8,9 or even 10.

If we truly are limited to 7 paintjobs, then sigh I guess one family has to go down the drain.

Which one will it be?
BX-winglet paintjob options

  • Option 1 (Full Winglet)
  • Option 2 (Front of the Winglet)
  • Option 3 (Top of the Winglet)

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If people really can’t part with any three of the paintjobs, I kindly request the UHF once again to increase the paintjob number limit to however much you can handle. The recruits will thank you sincerly.

Now for the pods, I’m happy to say that this one falls right on the 7 paintjob limit. So unless the UHF have other plans, this idea should have a greater chance of being implemented.

Texture 1 Inner Pods Texture 1 Outer pods Texture 2 Inner Pods Texture 2 Outer Pods

Once again, I know these aren’t all new paintjobs but rather variations of already existing paintjobs but I did want to make them for BX-6 and BX-7 users, since it sure does feel odd that some pods have an exhaust coming out of them and some don’t.

Lastly, I’ve made this fleet that seems to be adored by several other recruits, my 2021 fleet. I had a fun time making them, but I’ve noticed an issue, the Muller has this striped paintjob which makes it excellent as a neon strip of light:

Muller Stripe paintjob

This paintjob is responsible for the Rho, Upsilon and Delta Classes, some of my personal favorites.

The thing is, can we have similar paintjobs for the fuesolages of the the H&C and BX series. As far as I know, this shouldn’t exceed the 7 paintjob limit.

As always, may the forks be with you all!


We need more customization, especially more asymmetrical designs


For some reason I really doubt that that’d be the case. I think it’s just a coincidence that there are at most 7 options for any category.

If it’s just inner and outer winglets, then I think there might be a way to add them for all three families while saving a bit of space if there is in fact a limit (or just objections) due to size constraints. You could have one spritesheet for inner winglets, one for outer winglets, and have the game display them both if you have the ‘all four winglets’ option selected. My only concern is whether or not there might be some jarring overlapping at the edges of the sprites (this already kinda happens on the current rendered paintjobs, but I think it’s possible that using two overlapping sprites with lower alpha/paint density might intensify the effect (do correct me if I’m wrong)).



The number of paintjobs is unlimited – I don’t know where this 7 limit came from. However, there are practical limits because each paintjob requires a separate texture (hence increases memory usage and download size), and each individually customizable element increases the number of textures that need to be superimposed (and hence results in increased CPU/GPU utilization)

I think we can separate the 4 winglets, and have 3 paintjobs for each (none/bottomhalf/whole). Right now priorities are translation/galaxy regeneration/Steam release. Please remind me again in a few weeks.

Given the way the game currently superimposes two paintjobs one on top of the other (i.e., spacecraft → paintjob A → paintjob B), it’s impossible to have them join up perfectly at the seam. It could work if you were to combine A and B beforehand, but… er, no.


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Looks like we’ll have new paintjobs, as the topic got unlocked.

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Well, I suggested individual paintjobs for all 4 muller pods and for the individual winglets of the H&C, so that you can have asymmetrical designs for those two families of ships.


Maybe on v86?

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I hope.

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I know this is widely gonna be regarded as a bump, but since iA’s now focusing on ships, can these finally be put to rest?

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