Early Access version 80.2

I had 5 barbequers equipped, but I didn’t use them at all during the run, so not really

And, you know, since it was Ironman, I was more focused on the enemy bullets :wink:

What is this?

Shady Dealer. Sells you items with cheaper price.


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People and IA , what do you think about it?

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IA, all retro missions have beginner, intermediate and advanced loops, like some waves of Chicken Invasion, which are same, but appears on different difficulty. (Spin Class & Spin Cycle)

These loops should be depended on the difficulties of retro missions and in the case, we need some new waves for retro missions with same loops. Please think about it, when you had time. Thank you. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Retro missions may have randomized waves like other mission types and not exactly specified what wave should be next.


Okay, thanks, I edited the difficulties at UCHO 5 post

But if all UCOs starts appearing from 75% difficulty then why I saw UCO 4 at end of stage 2 at Weekly Challenge b4?

Also check this post if possible.

Maybe it’s on double teams only

Also, iA, are you aware of the fact that by ending session after beating a boss on the 120th anniversary you can save 15 seconds? It’s exploitable if you want to get 1st by time; why not add the penalty like on space races?


If you do this, iA, you’ll have to reset the leaderboard however. If someone were to play before you fix this, they’d save about 3 minutes or so. People can easily get a time that would be impossible to beat once this gets fixed. So either reset the leaderboard, or don’t fix this.


Or skip the animations. That’s a more elegant way to deal with it; everyone’s on a fair ground and the existing scores are beatable. I would also like this to apply to Space Race.


You can’t apply it to the space race if it’s already there :stuck_out_tongue:
(I’m talking about the time penalty.)

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I don’t like the time penalty. It’s easily missed, besides, I don’t like the warp animations in space race. In all honesty, I want the warp animations in Universe to be shortened drastically, since it doesn’t contribute anything to the flow, it simply breaks it.


Well your error is same like me

“shady dealer”, sells stonks stuff at shady prices, or at least the “squid” part of it

Then what else do you have in mind?

I agree, if you’re grinding for keys having to wait a few seconds after defeating every single boss is pretty tiring.

Adorable, that’s what.

Ok but seriously MNaeemi is right, it’s a Shady Dealer

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My friend got this error when he tried to enter the game after installing it from Steam, how can i help him?

IA can this attack spins faster in high difficulties?

please no
we all need new content not more boss buff