Early Access version 80.2

It worked like this before too, just it didn’t change the text.

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i just discovered this bug while casually playing

This has been fixed in v.80.2. Download here: ⬇ Download Early Access

i’m running off of steam but i guess it didn’t boot me out because of it whoops then

position stream

Correct. Steam won’t kick you out of an existing game just because an update is available. You need to exit manually.

Download V80.2

not that, i would’ve expected the server to boot me out cause of an update

2 crashes after completing missions. Screen was frozen with 3 dots. Had to CTRL-ALT-DEL.

Extra lives, HUD’s, Thrusters didn’t transfer after update.

This was an expensive update. I hope this doesn’t happen every update.

Nothing happened to me. You should download V80.2 for fixing.

The 80.2 update was client-side only, and 80.1 clients are compatible with 80.2 as far as the server is concerned, so no boot.

That’s not possible, unless your whole profile was reset. Had you played more than 10 minutes in the past week?

I hope so, too, however this is Early Access, so it might.

IA. Can add 1 year from contacts
CIU 2021-05-05 19-32-32-56
this 12 months instead in 1 year from last seen!
maybe 13 months instead 1 year

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Because rounding I think.

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This is because in these calculations, all months are assumed to be 30 days, so there is a 4-5 day period where months are 12, but a full year hasn’t been completed yet.

I’ll change this to be 31 days, but note this will result in displaying “30 days ago” before it says “1 month ago”

Fixed in v.81 :medal_sports: Bug


iA can you set the time start from the wave start instead of entering screen?
It kinda wasted a few second

Can you make atoms and gifts of Crazy & Master Squawkers drops faster? Because most times they drop so slow and wastes time.

The timing rules are same for everyone, so there is no advantage or exploit.

All atoms/gifts drop at the same speed – I don’t control it on a per-wave or per-enemy basis.


I downloaded the v80.2 update direct from the website and I play almost daily.

Hey iA, I have an issue: I’ve started playing Ironman 40 mins ago, then stopped at wave 30 by disconnecting, then when I reconnected my game had a hard crash. When I’ve reconnected I lost my in-mission progress though

Edit: can you tell me what had caused the crash to stop it from happening?

Hm, it appears that the game crashed when trying to load the contents of your satellite docks (which are normally satellites).

Can you think of anything weird that might have happened with your satellites when the game last saved your progress (at wave 30)?

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