Early Access version 72

except for the part where reggy suggested it first

Didn’t OneWing suggest the Mother-Hen ship bullet increase 1st? I never said anything about it, I just said 7 bullets start from 100% diff instead of above it and I hot the medal too.

Good grief, is that really the name of a Key Rush mission? That’s funnier than most of the stuff that actually gets posted in the funny name topic. :joy:

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if you could fly the key rushes always, all of players was a billioner.

why is it mirrored? but the esc and W buttons are not?
also why it fade in/fade out with RTL? we now have fancy messenger not the fades.

Suggestion for Retro Missions: Add an Expert Loop and Insane Loop.

Retro Invaders Wave will have them move down in order, faster.

Invader Fly By wave will have more rows of ships.

Invader Crossing will have more invaders crossing.


Most of that post is written in a “yes, but…” style and I don’t have the time to enter these kinds of discussions.

Next time you notice this, let me know immediately and I’ll check the DB to see what’s wrong.

No, it’s an expression. Someone already replied to you about it.


That’s when the Ironman maintenance runs. I’ve delayed it avoid interfering with other daily maintenance.

Changed in v.73 :medal_sports: Idea. But for all difficulties, it would be too confusing otherwise.

Too much hassle.




Will be added at some point. Not now, though.



Probably a CHL feature.


What @VerMishelb said. Will probably have to revert to a texture instead of an emoji :roll_eyes:.

Acknowledged. Will investigate.

Who else thinks it’s easy?

Argh! Right. Will see if/how this can be fixed.

Fixed (reported above)



hmmm… this means “wave 6 of 1” as it says.

Does this also include the other bug I had? I had someone in my contacts list (I think it was @Stardrone) flying a mission, but the little “pop-up” in the corner was not in my language. I unfortunately didn’t get a screenshot in time.

Yes, known (reported here: 🌎 How to translate the game - #195 by Francis) The problem is that currently the notifications are displayed to everyone in the same language.


i don’t have any information of my account.
have i got medals in V71 and 72?

Noted. Will investigate.


It’s a bit easy on high difficulties, but not to the point where I think a change is needed. I occasionally lose a life to it when I’m being a bit inattentive.

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It’s fine to me.

Poll time:

Do you think “The Alien Mother-Ship”(at all difficulties) needs a health buff or speed buff:
  • Yes, it does.
  • Yes, but only health buff.
  • Yes, but only speed buff.
  • No, it’s fine.
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And this too:Wave Idea: Retro Highway - #5 by InterAction_studios

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Will you make an option that make satelite not autofire?

Idea for “It’s get cold in space…”
Make the boss’s clothes part become projectile
Not sure if i want this to all difficulty or high difficulty

This has been suggested A LOT. I’m sorry for ruining your dreams but you gotta come up with something else.

Really. It’s ok. It’s already hard enough. It would need to be balance a lot if this added.
I had this idea two years ago but havent suggested until now
Well, dont need to tag my idea, iA.

They have 5 months after enter key rush mission