Early Access version 71.2

You mean “Exponentiality”, right?


Alternating, starting with CW




emergency patch when? LOL

oh sorry i thinked it was for 1 month

Well you could minimize the waves’ name, or make the box a little taller. 15 waves is okay imo, it’s not that long.

The word “Chink” should be “Chick”. However someone reported that misspell before but at CI Wiki.

Because chickens drop eggs that explodes at midair while they drop normal eggs in CI4. So I was wondering if you’d make normal chicken have a 50% chance to replace chickens that drop eggs that explodes at midair at Chicken Multiplicity. You could replace them instead but 50/50 is better imo.

I suggested that because chickens that drop eggs that explodes at midair at Chicken Multiplicity is too easy. But yeah, now that I think about it, just replace them with regular chickens that drop normal eggs. Did I got you right?

Yeah, I meant this one image

Really? Why? Is it automatic?

See, that little weak chick survives the Gatling/Lasergun machine when it explodes, so the chicken should survive a smaller Egg Ship.

Oh, ok. Does it also work if I hit so fast that it doesn’t split?

Oh, it’s intended, ok.

That’s better, it would’ve been weird if it was allowed, lol.

Is the max number 3?

Why not?

Oh, well, glad to help :wink: But I wanted the contact box to be a little longer because if there’s a recruit versing other recruit at League, and both of their callsigns are long, the words will still be squished-in like in the example I showed above:

Actually they’re fine in the 3rd attack, the 1st and 2nd needs speed buff.

Ok, but I never let a dare expire, I clear them all.

Why Ironman progress messages gets delayed 15 minutes after midnight?

Could Crab+UCO be disabled at Double Team? It’ll be kinda unfair, you’ll be forced to either die or use specials:

I think Ironman environment generation isn’t random because I never saw 2 hot/frozen Ironmans consecutively, it’s always hot, frozen, hot, frozen, ect…


IA if the pecking order bonus is disabled in “Three by Three” can it be enabled? As every enemies we are killing them in order.

It’s not disabled there

iA, why do squadron licenses are not “sellable”?
Hoping you can add an option to sell squadron licenses

And can you try to change the mysterious ship laser probability, with 4 lasers at 0-50% difficulty, 5 lasers at 51-100% and 6 lasers at >100%

Can you remove pecking order in bullet spray

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Because the server would need to handle used licenses somehow and right now there is a bunch of related stuff to them, causing huge rework of the whole squadron system.

Ж-egg is easy if you practice it a bit.


No, that way we can’t have fun with 6-lasers in League.

Why? They appear in-order.

I’ve always wondered how you got that “Ж” shape, from where you got it?

Sometimes you did not know that you killed the chicken without the pecking order mark if you have the pecking order revealer activated.

If you mean the letter, it’s Cyrillic “zh” letter I use every day in my language.

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Is there a possible way to dodge those suns/chicken that the space crab throw quickly without dying?

And how to get the pecking order in do the backstroke?

do we have cheats?


IA, “The Alien MotherShip” is easy. Can you increase its speed or give it a health buff?


i was anonymous in chicken invaders universe

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Callsign Change Now Back To Normal

That’s just an unused text brought from the old CI games that doesn’t actually do anything

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