Hide callsign option ("streamer mode"?)

Danu88’s topic made me realise that currently we can’t hide our callsign. When you enter the game, when you fly from planet to planet, camera always zooms to your position and shows callsign while some people might prefer to hide it. That’s a common practice for streamers, for example, when they don’t want to get contact requests from everyone who watch their stream. Also you can see someone’s callsign through his contacts’ with notifications if you have access to their gameplay video ( is on-line and so on).

Same goes for friend requests in general: you can’t hide your callsign from search list to avoid unwanted requests (but developer(s) can because yes). when tier 120


Speaking of hiding callsign, can we also hide all of our callsign and the cursor when we’re on screenshot/hide HUD of the galaxy (for wallpaper making)?

Already Suggested (by BoggY)

Kinda by both of us but that didn’t go well last time ._ .



i think its unecessary because there is not many people stream about this game you can call it private callsign
why 120 tier its very high

Wonder why not many people stream it, could it be due to the fact that it’s not even fully out? HMMMMMMMMMMMM

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maybe because the game hasnt get enough hype

It’ll may be popular soon, (we can hope).

It’s not, the highest tier currently is tier 99.

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I do wish there were more tiers.


i wish that

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We should, as a community, work on that. Don’t you think?

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I tried and it didn’t work

“Disable contact request” option should work. Activating it also hides someone on the callsign search.

Already suggested by Ramon below




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