Early Access version 66

Fair enough

By the way, check out this poll’s results about my suggestion: Early Access version 65 - #243 by SA-GoldenBoss128


I know, but it’s still a thing, so iA should know about it.

Fixed in v.67 :medal_sports: Bug

Did I notice? Yes. Will I fix it? No. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, this is a rendering issue on the texture itself (the glow extends more than the other medals). I could edit the texture manually, but that would make it fragile the next time I re-render it for any reason.

The mission type never changed. But the waves might change.

This is because Comet Chase missions don’t reset the background speed. Acknowledged, but it’s fine.

There is nobody named “maikien” in the game.

This can happen if you immediately switch focus away from the game, and it’s by design (the window won’t be resized until the game is certain it has focus). But if you continuously experience this kind of delay, it could be related to device attached to your computer (like a DSP). Remove all devices one by one until the problem fixes itself.

Added in v.67 :medal_sports: Idea


Double Team is exclusive to Ironman.


Anybody remember why this change was made?


No, do you want to remove it?

BTW Server just crashed. Investigating.


Uhhh his callsign is: Mai Kiên(PPG)

Medal awarded.


Can “Mission dare win / loss” be added into the absolute?

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iA, I suggested before that Pecking Order return to 4 enemies:

iA, can u make Asteroids and Asteroids no, really distinguishable?

Idea - show how many dares are left to make out of 10 in League screen above difficulty

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Can be replaced with “Asteroid?” instead of “Asteroid” is it alright? (Similar to Wave Insight)

Equipment perks should be disabled for dares (if they are not yet)

Also I noticed that in “Braided assault” wave, if you won’t kill all chickens (but still in order), then you still get “Pecking order” bonus

Because as a bonus it should be a bit harder to get, I think

because of The Replacements wave, where you could get dozens of pecking orders

Spiral of Doom, i guess?

its The Replacements, finally figured it out lol

they come from top with a slow speed, yes

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iA, I’d like to bring up again this issue: Early Access version 65 - #137 by VerMishelb
So, on dares with bosses that spawn enemies or bullets that award 1 point, the one who received the dare could, knowing the darer’s score and the incoming % bonuses at the end of the mission, grind these 1 point enemies, especially the egg cannon’s egg. Is there a way to fix that?

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