Barrier Challenge

In this challenge there are only indestructible barriers, the player has to avoid obstacles from the barriers that will come from above something like the weakest link.

Over time, the barriers come faster and faster, and there are more of them!

(The width of the vertical barriers may also decrease)
The player has only 1 life and plays until death, the longer you survive, the better place you will be.
The mechanics of the Barrier Switches and Spectral Barriers can also be used.


Hmm, how to balance that with instant-movement ships/mouse movement and bombers/keyboard controls (unless they are to be ignored)


Reminds me of this one:


Could be used for a special challenge for CHL users, since there will be special challenges. This one could be called something like Resistance or something. Where you can’t fire your weapon, but instead have to dodge things to see how precise you are.

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This could be a wave in “Your First Mission

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It’s not worth it because we just sit back and shoot chickens.

Unless we turn it into a bullet hell game


Aren’t we already doing that?

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