Early Access version 58.2

If this also inverts horizontal axis of player movement, I’m in.


the axis powers

Please don’t

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Well, I didn’t think about it, in the sense that everything is changing, but the controls may leave normal considering many mistakes of the players and easy death. But I like this.

iA, how will it work?

I had a look and I don’t think that’s necessary. Besides, let’s not start removing enemies from waves just because we got an unfavourable randomizer once or we got unlucky and died that one time. You’re meant to die in this game, you know :wink:

What needs explaining? You do Something Bad™, you get banned.


That explains it

Probably giving reasons why ban or something

Well, if someone gets banned, the reason should be self-explanatory to the banned person, right?

Even if it’s not, I don’t think it should be exposed to the user (beyond perhaps a blanket “violation of Terms of Service”), because that opens avenues to debate. Bans are irrevocable and there won’t be an appeal process anyway.


Well, making a ToS page would be a good idea after EA

I’m doing this as we speak.


What about warning mesaages to the player?

Something to let them know they’re being watched, and that they shouldn’t do anything silly.

Maybe something like this:

Oh, by the way.

Is it possible to make a “Recovery” email feature for the linked accounts?

If you somehow manage to forget one of your emails, you have another email to help. Or at least some form of insurance.

No need to make this if you think it’ll be fine.


So basically this happens every time I try to switch to full screen mode.
I don’t know what causes it, thus I’m forced to use the borderless mode. I mean I’m okay with it but forced V-Sync really gets me.

Oh and in addition to that, the game also crashes when trying to switch to windowed mode.

I’d still really love to see this in CIU.

Since CIU is coded with C++…
Rich Presence Integration should not be too difficult, since it’s also made in C++. Can you give it a try?

Here, take a look at this. Perhaps it might help?


Actually it’s now called Game SDK as Rich Presence is deprecated. UPD Note: The part responsible for functions Rich Presence provided is DiscordAtivity, I didn’t touch others yet.



But yeah, please consider Rich Presence (or Game SDK. Whatever.). Would be really cool to see this whenever we play CIU.