Early Access version 59.3

About Egg Cannon³
Can those particles disappear or at least move when boss is getting other stage during laser attack? (ignore the fact that this particle is bubble, that’s thanks to weapon reskin mod)

Also layer at which this particle appears overlaps inner cannon and this looks cursed





No, Space Crab has very fast attacks that it’s hard to avoid with bombers now, so it doesn’t matter.

@InterAction_studios please read This post I reported a bug in space race

I reported this bug in the previous version topic but it seems it was lost, so i’m gonna post it here again as it seems kinda serious.

Editing your [UVEGraphics] settings in CIU.cfg works fine tho

Probably this was mentioned but there’s an issue, probably a bug, that makes boss music sound for one or two seconds after a set of waves is done and gets to the next set of waves.

Well, yeah, I mistakenly imagined a 3rd one, but thanks for correcting me.

Fixed in v.60 :medal_sports: Bug

In order to fix this cleanly, the music now starts one second later (technically, at the beginning of each wave rather than the beginning of each stage)

I can’t fix this, it seems to be related to Windows volume control (which the game doesn’t control)

Once Lightning/Positron hits a boss, it can never move to another target. This is a technical limitation of the implementation.

Has been fixed for v.60

Fixed in v.60 :medal_sports: Bug

Has been fixed for v.60

Has been fixed for v.60

That would cause more problems than it solves, especially in exclusive full-screen mode.

Those flares – as all flares – are decorative, so they exist on a separate layer (not the bullet layer). It could be fixed, but not simply enough as to be worth the effort.

What is your in-game callsign? I’m trying to locate your crash reports.


His callsign is matix524

I don’t see any crash reports for you. Odd… Do you see any error message when it crashes?


Crashing like that…also reset your entire mission (I think because I experienced it)

Could you check This one?


How about amount of coins increase & reduce according to difficulty.


Bruh, why. All bosses have the same amount of drops regardless of difficulty (except keys in boss rush or anything like that because insert obvious reason)

Your points are multiplied in the end of mission, so I guess it’s fair.


Well then, all bosses should drop according to difficulty. I just flied a easy Supernova and Bossa Nova dropped a lot of coins. I don’t think that much be rewarded for passing such easy mission. Same could be for food too.

Too troublesome and not worth coding imo.


If it gets implemented, I challenge you to collect every single coin on an elite bossa nova with a bomber without any maneuv thing nor appetite attractor.

Also, iA, the egg cannon glitch here makes me want to suggest this: how about we move slowly in boss rush at all time? (except henlley’s comet) Like boss fight in CI2.