Early Access version 58.2

Because I was using Utensil and they capped on me, enemies were so fast and the safe zone was small so I couldn’t move much and died.

How about removing the whole damn game? You know that Utensil has slow projectiles, so that would happen. Also, with the frequency of your posts on the Epic Waves topic, I think it’s safe to say that you were on an elite mission, in which case of course that will happen. It’s an elite mission.


I dont know if its me but sometimes i feel like the music in-game is even louder than the sounds, is that a error or its a feature? If its a feature, theres a option that can make what the music and sounds are the same as louder?

EDIT: Nvm, i found Stereo Paning option what fixed my problem

This one wasn’t a f**king elite mission. That’s why the normal “Sweeping Swoop” appeared.

Get good.

You might as well remove cowards from the entire darn game at this rate if you can’t even deal with them in a normal wave. It’s not even the game’s fault here. It’s your fault for firing indiscriminately.

I’m against this. Strongly. Don’t make the game easier just because you could not handle a coward in a wave. Seems more like a selfish suggestion than a legitimate one.

Use attractors, or your skill. Collect them faster so you do not waste time.

The first variants of waves can still show up even on 140% difficulty. Just less likely. There’s a reason why you encounter Rectangular Layouts even in such difficulty levels.


At this wave cowards were the closest enemies to me. So there was no way for me to run. Besides the mission was easy, that why I used utensil.

Really? The safe zone is small at this wave. How the hell can I shoot randomly? It’s like pulsating grid. I’m not talking about the zoomed-out version. I’m talking about the normal zoomed-in one.

Of course you are.

You didn’t say anything when cowards & assassins got removed from other waves.

Attractors might make me collect the wrong weapon.

Yeah, but that mission wasn’t even hard. It’s not like the ones that have bullet hell on every wave.

Just clam down you and that Spryter dude. It’s just a little suggestion. We’ll just wait for IA’s reply.

I’m not replying about this conversation again.

Sounds like someone can’t stand having their “suggestions” criticized.

But if you say so. I’ll see what iA thinks about that, as no one can have you change your thoughts.

If we can’t, only he can.


use plasma rifle then


Some of it was ok, but its too much now. Read the changelog for like the previous 2 or 3 updates, it’s nuts how much the game was made easier and you also have an OP weapon that wrecked all the balancing done over an year.

If it wasn’t, there’s even more reason to not remove cowards. There needs to be some difficulty, what even was the percentage for the difficulty by the way? Even it it’s not all the way to max 140% the cowards can still be justified if it’s high enough.

Just a little suggestion that has been repeated so many times for so many waves that its ridiculous. At this point just ask to remove all bosses because it requires too much effort.


iA, can we bring back the smaller triangles from the original CI3 Chicken Geometry wave as a second variant for Chicken Geometry?
18 small triangles. Only 3-6 (depends on difficulty) can be on screen at a time. Just as spinny and crazy as they were in CI3.

The wave will be called “Chicken Trigonometry”. Chicken types will be a single type only, not a mix.


IA, can you add a mirrored variation in “Wormhole” wave?

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iA can you mirror every wave?

Doesn’t seem any different from original except for direction

Might want to use “Reverse” instead of “Mirror” instead

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IA can you add
-Chicken Carousel Wave (From CI3)
-Tribute Wave (From CI5)

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Already suggested:

Please add mirror versions of “First Impressions” and “Waving in the Breeze”

Maybe instead of mirror versions do Mirror Mode. Here everything will be in a mirror image.

  • Good idea
  • I’m neutral
  • Weak idea

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What can I say except already suggestd (read the old EA, it’s somewhere in there but I’m too lazy)



In fact something is, I can only refine that everything on the screen will be a mirror image (even all meters) I don’t think it would take a lot of work.

Still better than medal farming. I’ll take mirror mode.

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